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Everyone’s getting on board for MM2

What is MM2 and why is it important?

The Covid-19 pandemic has made clear the need for well connected and accessible public transport. We need a transport system that reduces crowding in order to become a robust, resilient and accessible city of the future. However the Victorian Government continues to prioritise mega toll roads over the sustainable public and active transportation that we need. The North and West are Melbourne’s fastest growing areas, and are severely under-serviced by public transport – with some commuters unable to board trains at peak hour due to overcrowding.

Melbourne Metro 2 (MM2) is the vital next addition to Melbourne’s transport network. This new rail tunnel would be built between Newport and Clifton Hill, providing residents with a crucial south-west to north-east connection from the Werribee to the Mernda lines via the CBD. 

MM2 will significantly benefit commuters across the cities of Wyndham, Hobsons Bay, Port Phillip, Melbourne, Yarra, Darebin, and Whittlesea. While dramatically increasing the rail capacity and accessibility of across the whole rail network. Just imagine how that would change Melbourne!

Reaching out to local councillors

We sent a survey to local council candidates asking them to back MM2. We received positive responses from 46 candidates, who overwhelmingly supported the new rail tunnel. Overall, 98% supported safe, affordable and accessible public transport for all and 96% of respondents committed to advocating for Melbourne Metro 2 as Melbourne’s next transport project. 

Amanda Stone, a Greens candidate from the City of Yarra, added that:

The alternative to big, expensive and polluting toll roads has to be a well connected and rapid public transport system. MM2 is a key part of an integrated transport plan for metropolitan Melbourne and its support is a matter of urgency.” 

Other candidates affirmed the necessity of MM2 for the success of the Fishermans Bend redevelopment in Port Melbourne, stating that the project will ‘fail without it’. The advocacy from council candidates across the board – from perspectives as diverse as urban planning, accessibility, emissions, and shifting Melbourne’s car culture – demonstrates the groundswell of support for MM2 among representatives.  

Support across the board

Growing support for MM2 is not just limited to councillors and candidates. In a recent report, Infrastructure Victoria has backed the MM2 rail line, calling for a business case for the MM2 tunnel to be prepared within five years. 

The advisory body has released its draft 30-year strategy, pointing toward MM2 as one strategy to tackle overcrowding on the train network and congestion on roads, as well as action on the climate crisis. Modelling for the report predicts heavy congestion on the west, north and north-eastern parts of the train network by 2036 if no new government commitments are made. With public transport use set to grow by 38 to 62 per cent in the next fifteen years, MM2 is being recognised as an integral part of the solution. 

A better train network with MM2

If the state government committed to planning for MM2 now, it could be operational by 2031 or earlier. Victoria has already invested in the technology needed to build Melbourne Metro 1.  Building MM2 would extend the life of that equipment and worker expertise, making both projects more cost effective and creating longer-lasting jobs.

The proposed rail tunnel would:

  • improve the physical and mental health of communities
  • make our Northern and Western suburbs a better place to live
  • open up access to affordable transport, putting money back into the pockets of people
  • reduce congestion on our roads, freeing them up for those who do need to drive

Let’s get on with it!

MM2 is part of a broader vision for Melbourne where people have a much wider range of options for how we choose to travel. It’s a vision of a smarter, more sustainable, less congested transport future.

And it’s clear that this isn’t just a dream – there is on the ground support for MM2 from councillors, advisory bodies, and the community. 

To get MM2 off the ground and meet Melbourne’s immediate mobility needs we must build on this support to turn this vision into a reality. Get On Board is the campaign advocating for this to happen, so click through to join!

Keen to get involved? Join us at the Sustainable Cities collective!

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