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Friends of the Earth welcome Andrews govt plan to strengthen the EPA

Friends of the Earth has welcomed the Andrews government's plans to modernise and strengthen the Victorian Environmental Protection Authority in response to an extensive review of the body - the first since 1971. 

"We welcome the Andrews government’s moves to strengthen the EPA," said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth campaign coordinator. 

"These reforms will help bring the EPA into the 21st Century and equip it to protect communities and environment from emerging issues such as decommissioning coal mines and power plants."

Friends of the Earth say the EPA reforms come as the state grapples with climate change. 

"Victoria needs a strong EPA to tackle climate change. The Federal government's policy failure on climate change requires leadership at the state level."

"An strengthened EPA will provide additional tools for the state government to cut greenhouse gas pollution and prevent climate change from getting worse."

Friends of the Earth look forward to seeing the planned restructure of the EPA this year paying dividends into the future. 

The group will closely monitor the passage of amendments to modernise and strengthen the Environment Protection Act.

"An effective Environment Protection Authority is something all political parties can support. We look forward to seeing support from the opposition and cross bench so these reforms are implemented swiftly."

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