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Frackman showing in Victoria

frackman_launch.jpgAccidental activist Dayne ‘The Frackman’ Pratzky takes us on a journey through a divided land as we meet people caught up in a modern day multinational gold rush – to secure and exploit coal seam gas.

From conservative landowners, to radical activists and town-dwelling families, this unlikely coalition of Australians has come together to fight for their communities, their health, their land and their future.

Our central character is Dayne Pratzky – a knockabout pig shooter building a simple home on his block of land in Tara, central Queensland.

One day the gas company comes calling and demands access to his land for gas mining. Dayne is told he has no right to refuse access to his land, and so begins his journey as a reluctant activist that will take him round the world.

He introduces us to the people drawn into a battle that is crossing the ideological divide, bringing together a peculiar alliance of farmers, conservationists and political conservatives. Those characters include politician Bob Katter and environmentalist Bob Irwin, Lock The Gate President Drew Hutton and radio identity Alan Jones.

Frackman hits our screens in Victoria. Have you reserved your tickets?

April 13th Geelong -
April 21st Sale -
April 22nd Morwell -
April 22nd Warragul -
April 22nd Carlton
April 29th South Yarra -
April 29th Warrnambool -
April 29th Ballarat -
May 3rd Horsham -
May 4th - Ararat
May 6th Bairnsdale -



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