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Fire & the Story of Burning Country

Fire and the Story of Burning Country is a new book, spoken through the timeless wisdom of Indigenous Elders who want to teach the community about how to care for country using cool burning techniques to prevent wildfires, reduce carbon emissions, cleanse the land of weeds and excessive fuel loads, build healthy soil and much more. It is high time this way of managing the land was recognised and respected by the broader community. You can buy the book via our online store

“In many countries around the world fire poses an enormous threat to people, property and environment. We react to fire without fully understanding and embracing its true potential as a tool for cleansing and rejuvenating the land. 

The catalyst for this book was the devastating Victorian bushfires of Black Saturday February 2009. The author, Peter McConchie was contacted soon after by Cape York Elders firstly to express their sadness about the tragic loss of life and to extend an invitation to come with them and record the story of traditional land management with fire. 

After a big journey up in the Cape under the guidance of the Elders the book is finally ready to present to the world. Fire & the story of Burning Country is Pete’s seventh book.

The message in this story highlights the important contribution that the First people of Australia have made caring for the land uninterrupted until colonisation began. They now wish to continue their cultural and spiritual practice in caring for the land for the benefit of all Australians. Fire & the Story of Burning Country is a stepping stone to achieving this. This story also makes the important point about the relationship between Indigenous employment, health and a peoples rightful place to care for country”.

 You can buy the book via our online store, or upstairs at the FoE Melbourne campaign office (312 Smith street, Collingwood, mon – fri 10am – 6pm).

Cost $40.
It is a beautiful book full of colour images, 106pp.


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