Final push

In Victoria, we have helped lead a five year campaign to stop the development of the unconventional gas (UCG) industry which is getting very close to an outcome.

Since the release of the final report into the state inquiry into UCG last December, the state government has been considering its options. We are doing our best to convince them that a permanent ban on all onshore gas drilling in the state is the way to go.

And our Yes 2 Renewables campaign is also having impact, with the government supporting our call for a state based renewables target (a VRET). The final Renewable Energy Roadmap and VRETs for 2020 and 2025 will be significant in terms of driving the uptake of renewable energy and – hopefully- the start of the shut down of coal fired power generation in our state.

As we get closer to the announcements (expected around the time of the state budget in May), we need to keep the pressure on. Please send a simple message to the Premier, Treasurer and Deputy Premier saying you support a permanent ban on all onshore gas drilling and want a high renewables target (VRET).


Feel free to be creative and if possible use these hashtags: #VicGasBan and #GrowRenewables

Some suggestions:

The community supports permanent ban on all onshore gas drilling. Pls show leadership @DanielAndrewsMP @timpallas @JamesMerlinoMP #VicGasBan

The community supports a high #VRET. Please show leadership - Aim High. @DanielAndrewsMP @timpallas @JamesMerlinoMP #GrowRenewables

Time to start the transition: less coal, high #VRET. Please show leadership. @DanielAndrewsMP @timpallas @JamesMerlinoMP #GrowRenewables



Just type in their names (Daniel Andrews, James Merlino, Tim Pallas) to tag them and say something like:

I support a permanent ban on all onshore gas drilling in Victoria. Good for farming, good for jobs & economy. Great for the climate. I’m looking forward to your government announcing a high VRET target and measures to reduce greenhouse pollution from coal.

Possible image to use:




Cut and paste text from the letter here and email to:

Hon Daniel Andrews

Hon James Merlino

Hon Tim Pallas


Or if you’re rushed for time, you can sign the petition here (on unconventional gas) and the VRET here.


Image from our Ban gas/ grow renewables rally, held outside parliament in February.