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Escalate for Rafah this weekend

At Friends of the Earth, we believe that the liberation of all peoples from systems of oppression is a precursor to peace. We campaign towards system change through the lens of gender, climate, economic, social, and environmental justice. It is for this reason that we have been outspoken and unwavering in our commitment to an end to the bombardment of Gaza, and to freedom for the Palestinian people.

This Sunday June 2nd, the monthly climate justice contingent will again gather at Melbourne’s Free Palestine Rally at Melbourne's State Library.  Will you join us?

All over the world people are answering the call to Escalate For Rafah in response to almost 8 months of attacks on Palestinian life in Gaza and the West Bank, and Israel's horrendous attacks on displaced Palestinian people sheltering in tents in Rafah this week. These attacks come just hours after the United Nations International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Israel to stop the Rafah offensive. 

This is why we are asking you again to stand with us alongside millions of others around the world to call for an end to Israel's bombardment of Gaza.

We need a mass mobilisation to bring this bloodshed to an end.  While it might seem overwhelming to consider the task ahead, attending Sunday's Free Palestine rally with us is just one way to get started. Together we can look to what comes next. 

Join the monthly Climate Justice Contingents here.

Israel’s systematic destruction of Gaza’s environment is part of its goal of making life for Palestinians in Gaza unliveable. Climate justice requires a world free of the injustice that has caused the crisis – and this includes settler-colonialism and imperialism. Climate justice is not possible until all Indigenous nations have control and self determination over their land and resources, none of which Palestinians are granted.

It is time to cancel your plans, call your friends and show up in big numbers this weekend. The climate contingents have been growing steadily each month, with more and more organisations endorsing, and more people across the breadth of our movement showing up to call for a ceasefire, an end to the Israeli occupation and a Free Palestine. 

We march together as the climate justice contingent every month. Please join us this Sunday, and check the website for a full list of upcoming events in Narrm/Melbourne and regional Victoria organised by a wide variety of groups in support of a Free Palestine. 

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