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Environment minister vows to continue alpine grazing trial

In a very disappointing move, the State environemnt minister, Ryan Smith has said that the alpine grazing trial will continue but that the government is "still working on the details".

The following news report comes from the ABC.

The Victorian Government has decided to return cattle grazing to the Alpine National Park next season, despite telling the Federal Government that they had no definite timetable for grazing trials to continue.

In January, 400 cattle were released into the park as part of a trial by the Victorian Government, to determine if grazing reduces the risk of bushfire.

However the trial did not have Commonwealth approval.

The Federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke, has ordered the cattle out of the park.

However today, the Victorian Environment Minister, Ryan Smith, told ABC Local Radio the trial will continue.

"We just haven't put together the details of how it will go forward. We're taking a careful approach, we're using the data collected over the last few months to inform the next stage," he said.

"We also want to be very open and transparent so that when the plan is put together, when Professor [Mark] Adams is advising us on it, there will be a panel overseeing that, who can ask the questions that perhaps need to be asked."

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