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December News

Beyond Coal campaign launched

beyond_coal.jpgCoal power generation is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Australia, being responsible for over one-quarter of total emissions. Given that burning coal is our leading contributor to climate change, moving our electricity supply away from coal is one of the quickest, most efficient ways of doing our part to act.

There is a pathway to avoiding the worst impacts of climate change and avoiding a catastrophic rise in global temperatures. Retiring every coal-burning power station over the next decade — and replacing them with clean energy generation and storage — is the simplest and most effective way for Australia to do our fair share of reducing greenhouse emissions to a safe level. It's our best shot to tackle climate change, protect people, and protect our planet's natural places. That is why we have joined together with six other community-based groups to launch the Beyond Coal campaign.

Read more here.



North East Link mega road approved

NE_link.jpgFriends of the Earth and community group Friends of Banyule have expressed their extreme disappointment at the announcement that the Planning Minister Richard Wynne has approved the North East Link.

The project has been approved without extending the tunnel northwards, contrary to the Minister’s own Environmental Effects Statement Planning Panel’s advice and pleas of impacted families and community groups.

In the decision, Minister Wynne stated that “the project will produce significant environmental impacts, borne largely by the community of Melbourne’s northeast during a protracted construction period”.

Minister Wynne fails to report the permanent nature of this environmental and social damage and the long-term health impacts for those living along the 29km construction build.

Our full reaction is here.


Scott Morrison - don't fast track approvals of mega projects

SEO_-_Don't_fast_track_approvals_(1).jpgInstead of reducing environmental assessment of major projects, Scott Morrison needs to implement a new set of federal environmental laws, which will actually do their job: protect the natural environment from major threats.

While we have never had a perfect national approvals system, it is essential we do not lose the processes currently in place. And we need to build a set of new laws that are fit for purpose for the challenges we face in Australia in the 21stcentury.

A truly national approach to environmental protection would build on Australia’s international responsibilities and the federal government's capacity to bring authority and resources to environmental governance. Find out more about this important issue here.
Click here to sign the petition!


The new FoE Australia Shop is LIVE!

45_Years_tee_540x.jpgSupport important environmental campaigns while looking great!

Or gift yourself, friends or family a holiday present.

There are plenty of styles and campaigns to look through - including our limited edition Friends of the Earth Australia 45th anniversary range, with art from Sam Wallman. Coming soon!

With 45 years of creative resistance under our belt, there's heaps to choose from!

Click here to check it out!


Coal failure warning – make sure you get the facts about energy this summer

coal_failure_warning_EDIT.pngAs south-eastern Australia braces for a heatwave this week, Victoria's energy system is on a knife-edge, with major coal and gas plants out of action after suffering serious breakdowns earlier in the year. A generating unit at the aging Loy Yang A coal plant has been offline for over 200 days, and the Mortlake gas plant is still undergoing repairs

It's a sign that fossil fuel generators that are driving the climate crisis can't keep up with the heat. Click here to make sure you get the facts about energy this summer.

If we're going to act on the climate crisis and fix the grid, we need to ramp up 21st Century renewables and storage.


Online Art Auction Fundraiser for a Nuclear-Free Future!

Art.jpgThe Friends of the Earth Melbourne Nuclear-Free Collective has launched an online art auction to raise vital funds for nuclear-free work.

T­­he online auction features generously donated works by artists including Celia Perceval, Cherie Leadon, Eric Mack, Lyn Hovey, Alex Moulis, Imants Niedra, Hilary Archer, Robbie Douglas Turner, Linda Childs-Van Wijk, and more!

Check it out and make a bid here!

The auction is now live, with the option to Buy Now, and will end on 15 February 2020.

If you have any questions, feel free to email [email protected] or call Jessica on 0400 588 979.


Make a submission to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into nuclear prohibition

Peoples_Climate_March_Washington_DC_29_April_2017.jpgThe Victorian Legislative Council’s Planning and Environment Committee is currently inquiring into Victoria’s prohibitions on participation in the nuclear fuel cycle.

Nuclear power is a dangerous distraction from real movement on the pressing energy decisions and climate actions we need. Rather than fuel carbon emissions and radioactive risk through domestic coal power plants and the export of coal and uranium, Australia should embrace the fastest-growing global energy sector ‒ renewables ‒ and become a driver of clean energy thinking and technology. Renewable energy is affordable, low risk, clean, and popular. Nuclear is not. Our shared energy future is renewable, not radioactive.

For more information, see our report: Nuclear Power - No Solution to Climate Change.

The easiest (and quickest) way to make a submission is to use our proforma here.

Or email to [email protected]

You can read the terms of reference on the Parliamentary Inquiry website here.


Radioactive Exposure Tour 2020

April 10‒19, 2020


For over 30 years Friends of the Earth has been running Rad Tours to South Australia so people can experience first-hand the social and environmental impacts of the nuclear industry.

South Australia has experienced British nuclear bomb tests, extensive uranium exploration and mining, and is currently being targeted by the federal government for a national nuclear waste dump. And some are still lobbying to turn SA into the world's dump for high-level nuclear waste.

We will visit uranium mining and waste dump sites and speak to communities affected by the industry. We will also visit some of the beautiful places in SA including the Flinders Ranges and Lake Eyre.

Click here to find out more.

We prioritise places for people who are involved in anti-nuclear campaigning or who are interested in getting involved.

COSTS: $650 regular, $900 solidarity, $450 concession.
WHEN: April 10‒19, 2020 (from Melbourne) or April 11‒18 (from Adelaide)
CONTACT: Lavanya
[email protected]
0468 490 768


Wow! It's been a huge year for Sustainable Cities!

20190912_BP_15.jpgWe kicked off supporting locals to push back against the $16b North East Link (NEL) toll road. It’s a monster project that’s set to divide communities, bulldoze 26,000+ trees, and lock Melbourne into a future of car-reliance.

We supported folks to participate in the Environmental Effects Statement process through workshops and skill-shares. Over 800 people submitted in writing, with more than 200 people presenting at the public hearings!

All the while, we kept up the pressure through weekly banner drops over the Eastern Freeway and community actions, as well as meeting with politicians.

Through our fortnightly meetings in Balwyn, we’ve built solid connections with local groups and individuals campaigning to rethink the NEL. We continue to share ideas, skills and strategy to get organised to stop this monster road.

All in all, it's been a massive year, with Friends of the Earth being the only environmental NGO working to respond and build resistance to the NEL post-election. We're looking forward to continuing this fight next year, whilst also ramping up for better public transport for Melburnians with Melbourne Metro 2!

Want to get involved? Click here!


Busted! The truth behind the myths of the Murray Darling Basin

Myth_1.pngThe Murray Darling Basin Plan is fraught with mismanagement, lies and misinformation. With so much conflicting information circulating about our river systems it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. That's why we've gone and busted some of the harmful myths that are out there.

The truth behind keeping our river alive is simpler than you think. Healthy rivers need water, we need truth and integrity in the Murray Darling Basin.

Check out two of the myths here.

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