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Act on Climate Update - Dec 2023


Here is the Act on Climate crew's update on what we're up to, what's coming up, and ways you can get involved!

We’re making a jump up to the federal arena! This is because there’s a new fight for the climate movement which needs a lot more hands on deck...

RSVP for an upcoming collective meeting if you're keen to get in on the action - no experience required, just passion for climate justice.


It’s been a massive year for the climate movement in Victoria. We’ve had a state and a federal election, which both saw thousands of community members step up to ensure climate action was high on the political agenda. 

Our collective has worked at the state level for six years now to secure stronger climate action for Victoria. This year we won a commitment from the Andrews government for a strong 2035 Emission Reduction Target.

Now, we’re making a jump up to the federal arena… because there’s a new fight for the climate movement which needs a lot more hands on deck:

We need the Albanese government to Safeguard Our Climate, Not Polluter Profits.

What's the opportunity?

The Albanese government was elected with a mandate to reform and strengthen Australia’s ‘Climate Safeguard Mechanism’ which would force large industrial polluters to deliver deep emissions cuts this decade. 

These companies are ones which have histories of lying to the public about the science of climate change, are conducting massive greenwashing campaigns to appear clean and green… while still mining for the coal, gas and oil that is fueling the climate crisis.

Add your name to our call for the Dirty Dozen to pull the weight on climate.

The Albanese government has an opportunity to rein the Dirty Dozen polluters in and force them to make deep emissions cuts before 2030.

But we know these companies… they will be lobbying the government hard to let them get away with delaying big emissions cuts until it’s too late, and to continue extracting fossil fuels by writing them off with ‘offsets’. 

The community has already taken up the fight. 

This week, a group of us hand-delivered letters to three of the Dirty Dozen companies’ offices in Narrm/Melbourne. The letter called on them to commit to strong emissions cuts under a strengthened Climate Safeguard Mechanism.

Communities have been doing a heavy lift when it comes to tackling the climate crisis.

Now we’re asking the Dirty Dozen companies to pull their weight.

Will you pledge to push the Dirty Dozen to pull their weight on climate? 

We’ll be ramping up this campaign work in the early months of 2023. If you’re keen to be more involved, please RSVP to our first collective meeting for next year.

And as always, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or just want to chat.

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