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Chain Reaction - Summer 2022

What does it mean for the “Australian” continent to act in solidarity with our pacific neighbours? How is climate change affecting the pacific region right now? This edition features the work of Climate Frontlines, one of FoE’s national projects which is focused on dealing with forced climate migration of people in the Pacific region.

In reading these pages, we invite you to reflect on how your life/ work intersects with the struggles and celebrations of the pacific region.

You can pick up a copy the Pacific Regional Special issue of Chain Reaction at the Friends of the Earth Food Co-op, or download a digital copy here.

You can also sign up as a member of Friends of the Earth to have a copy every Chain Reaction Magazine and our poster newsletter sent you you three times a year!

The Chain Reaction Collective is growing, so no matter where you are, or what your background is, we’d love to have you creating this magazine with us! For the earth and each other, the Chain Reaction Collective Email: [email protected]

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