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Ask A Question on ABC's Q&A

Get ready, this Monday ABC's Q&A program will be all about our rivers!

Featuring Federal Water Minister David Littleproud, Shadow Agriculture Minister Joel Fitzgibbon, NFF President Fiona Simon, Senior Researcher at the Australia Institute Maryanne Slattery and Kate McBride from Tolarno Station to talk all things water.

Now is our chance to put the hard questions to the politicians! Ask a question here


This disaster has dragged on for far too long. The timing of this show is incredible.

Last week we saw more devastating images of fish kills in the Menindee Lakes. Murray Cod and washed up alongside thousands of invasive carp on the shores of Lake Pamamaroo and this summer is predicted to bring "fish armageddon." 

Communities need more than promises, we need radical action to revive our riversnow is the time to put the curly questions to the panel. 


Not sure what to ask? Take a look at these facts to help formulate your question.

  • The Natural Resources Commissions Report found that over extraction caused a "hydrological drought" 3 years earlier that what would have naturally occurred. That means NSW suffered a man-made drought before the natural drought occurred
  • The South Australian Royal Commission found the administration of the Murray Darling Basin Plan was fraught with unlawful conduct. That means illegal activity has deeply impacted the ability for the Murray Darling Basin Plan to deliver its key objective - to restore life to the Murray Darling.

  • Communities on the Darling have been forced to buy in bottled water and are relying on volunteer efforts to truck in water with little to no government support.

  • After dry periods it’s critical that first flows are protected and water is allocated for Aboriginal cultural practices to maintain river ecosystems. Indigenous knowledge and land management practices sustained life in the Murray Darling for over 80,000 years

  • Since colonial records began there had never been a ceased to flow event on the Lower Darling for more than 3 months until 2007. Since then we have seen 3 cease to flow events and we are currently experiencing the longest dry period ever recorded.

  • There are 40 Indigenous Nations in the Murray Darling Basin - not one leader was selected for this panel.


Your Question Matters - Ask it Now

The program airs on Monday October 28nd at 9:35pm on ABC or live stream the ABC Here

Remember to tune in and join the conversation using the #QandA


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