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Strategy meeting of groups campaigning against gold mining

With a growing number of local groups across Victoria opposing plans for gold exploration and mining, Friends of the Earth is helping to organise a state-wide gathering of campaigners to discuss strategies. All active local groups are invited to attend. It will happen in November 2021.

The meeting will happen via zoom on a Sunday in November. All active local groups are invited to attend by sending a delegate or number of delegates.

These people should be empowered by their group to provide an update, and report back.


We propose a short meeting, with a maximum length of two hours.

Each group will be asked to give a brief ‘elevator pitch’ on their campaign:

  • Where they are/ who they are
  • What company or companies are they up against? (and what stage is the project up to)
  • What tactics are they using (eg opposing individual exploration license applications, influencing local council, using petitions, mobilising farmers or local businesses, etc)
  • Any help they would like from other groups
  • initial discussion about developing a shared public statement.

If you or your group would like to be involved, please get in touch: [email protected]

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