Digital Action: Accessible Transport for All!

Claudia lies on the ground with a wreath of flowers around them holding the sign #LifelongLockdown

Our digital action with the Disability Resources Centre is tomorrow Tues 19 May!

We are calling everyone – whether you find public transport inaccessible, or if you understand how important it is to have a transport system that works for everyone – to post a message or photo with the hashtag #LifelongLockdown on Facebook on Tuesday 19th May.

Here's how to get involved:

 of yourself with this message: #LifelongLockdown (if you don’t want to take a photo jump to instruction 3).  

2. FRAME YOURSELF on the other side of a window - or make your own creative frame -to reflect the way that barriers to public transport  keep people with all kinds of disabilities living in lifelong lockdown.

3. ADD A MESSAGE: Address your message to Melissa Horne MP. You can describe your own experience or add something like: The Victorian Government is failing people with disabilities who have been campaigning for decades for equal access to public transport. We need a public transport system that works for everyone.  (Remember not to use aggressive language or unkindness).

4. POST YOUR PICTURE AND/OR MESSAGE ON FACEBOOK and tag Melissa Horne MP (Minister for Public Transport) @melissaforwilliamstown, Luke Donnellan MP (Minister for Disabilities) @luke.donnellan, Jacinta Allan MP (Minister for Transport Infrastructure) @JacintaAllanMP and the DRC @DRCadvocacy.

5. IF YOU’RE SHORT ON TIME copy and paste the message below and post it to your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on Tuesday: 

@Melissaforwilliamstown, as COVID lockdown subsides, I am asking you to end #LifelongLockdown for Victorians with disabilities by making a fully accessible public transport system an urgent priority. #WeHavePlacesToGo @luke.donnellan @JacintaAllanMP @DRCadvocacy

Anja is in her window holding her support dog