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Tell decision makers its time for 10 minute trains!

Group of people protesting with signs. Captioned tell decision makers its time for 10 minute trains and Build Melbourne Metro 2.

Are you tired of long wait times and crowded trains? 

Guess what!? By 2050 transport use in Melbourne will more than double, filling up our trains and causing more delays. Serious action must be taken now.

The Sustainable Cities collective is running a campaign for 10 minute trains, to make sure you can turn-up-and-go! 

More frequent trains on existing lines can begin now. But to match demand we need to scale up... and the proposed Melbourne Metro Two (MM2) rail would facilitate more frequent services as demand grows.

This year marks 8 years since the MM2 was first suggested by PTV, and still no business case has been made. 

The MM2 will create a crucial link between the North and West, Melbourne’s fastest growing areas. It will reduce crowding and wait times on the City Loop and connect to educational and medical hubs at Parkville and Fishermans Bend. 

Since PTV’s inception of the MM2, numerous government and nongovernment organisations have highlighted MM2 as an integral project for Melbourne, but the Victorian government still hasn't made a commitment to this vital project. 

We’re calling on Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan, Treasurer Tim Pallas, and Premier Daniel Andrews to commit to funding a business case for MM2 in the 2022 budget. 

Ten minute trains would provide a fast and simple alternative to driving whilst reducing peak hour traffic and crowding on our transport network. 

The Sustainable Cities Collective are calling on you to help ramp up the pressure for turn-up-and-go frequencies!  

Find out more about ten minute trains here.

We’ve been waiting for better services for decades, and we won't wait any longer.

Will you join the movement and send a clear message to decision makers to commit to funding a business plan for MM2 in this year’s budget? 

Sign the petition! 

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