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Victorian Forest Meeting

A great chance to catch-up on what's happening with forest campaigning in Victoria, with speakers and reports from around the state. Saturday May 16.

Saturday May 16 11am-4pm

Victorian Forest Meeting

Fitzroy Library – 128 Moor Street, Fitzroy

All Welcome

Agenda & Speakers

11.00am – 11:30am: Catchup

11:30am – 12.00pm:  Loris Dulcos (Wombat Forest Society) – JoSHL. State Government plans to increase logging volumes in native forests by 30% for the next 15 year. This represents the biggest shake up in Victoria forestry for 20 years and the public has been told nothing about it. – 12.30pm: Chris Taylor – PaperlinX and their Chain of Custody. Certification Issues. How the Maryvale Pulp Mill has got away with being certified by the Forest Stewardship Council despite substantially  increasing their native forest log supply since 2006.

Lunch 12.30-1pm

1pm -1.30pm: Anthony Amis (Friends of the Earth)/Susie Zent? (Friends of Gippsland Bush) - FSC certification of the Strzelecki Ranges Sell Out. Implications of plantation resources for Maryvale pulp mill and how this has led to FSC certification. Nippon Paper and Maryvale.

1.30pm-2.00pm: - Simon Birrell (Melbourne Water Catchment Network) – Woodchip quotas in Eastern Victoria, current Government woodchip policy and implications of Timber Industry Strategy 2

2pm-2.30pm: - Unconfirmed speaker on Eastern Vic Old Growth

3pm – 4pm: Strategy

For Further details contact;

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