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Victoria's Offshore Wind Implementation Statement 2

The Victorian government has announced it's next steps towards creating the country's first offshore wind sector, releasing it's second Offshore Wind Implementation Statement and setting a goal to begin procurement by 2025. It's an incredible opportunity to scale up action on climate change, transition the energy system and create thousands of regional jobs.

Here are a few of the key updates:

1. The Port of Hastings has been identified as preferred site for the Victorian Renewable Energy Terminal. The government is aiming to enable construction of 1GW generation capacity per year.

2. Renewable energy supply chain hubs will be built near offshore wind areas with local content requirements applied. The government says workforce planning in Gippsland will begin this year.

3. VicGrid will lead on transmission, confirm connection points and transmission corridors by end of year after consultation.

4. A competitive procurement process for offshore wind is set to begin in 2025, which may include a contract for difference and complementary contributions for capital and financing for new projects.

It's absolutely essential all of this is matched with best practise planning for marine ecosystems. Friends of the Earth will be following developments and engaging closely with state and federal governments to secure good outcome for people and planet.

You can read Victoria's Offshore Wind Implementation Statement 2 in full by clicking here.

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