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Urgent action to save bus reform!

Bus reform for Victoria is at risk! If there is no major commitment for funding in the 2023-24 budget, we may not ever see the big, bold transformation of our bus network to one that is fast, frequent, connected and serviced by electric buses.

The Victorian government is expected to slash funding for public transport, the public service and health in the 2023-24 budget! This includes delaying major public transport projects like the Airport rail by 4 years or more. Projects like the Western Rail Plan are also set to be delayed, meaning the West are once again being left behind.

We need to act now to show the Treasurer Tim Pallas and Minister for Public Transport Ben Carroll that we demand bus reform in this term of government. Incremental changes will no longer do! 

While the government attempts to save money by cutting major transport projects, there is a real opportunity here for them to invest in a transformation of the bus network which requires much less funding and time than major projects. To ensure that communities in Melbourne's West, and outer suburbs generally, have access to jobs, education, health and community, we need to act now.

Communities have been working so hard for the last 2 years to push for better buses in their areas. They can't let all of our hard work go to waste -  Everyone deserves access to public transport!!

Take action now and email the Treasurer Tim Pallas MP, and Minister for Public Transport Ben Carroll MP NOW to demand that they save bus reform in this budget! 

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