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No Open Cut on Big Hill

981101BigHillLogo.jpgA controversial proposal by Canadian company Crocodile Gold has divided the community of the quiet rural town of Stawell in Western Victoria.  The proposal is to develop 2 large open cut pits in close proximity to houses, a primary school, nursing home, church and other facilities.

Please join the Big Hill Action Group to voice your concern about the environmental and health impacts of this major project.

Support the community rally at Parliament House Melbourne, at lunchtime on September 16th.

This proposal was rejected in 2000. The community is being forced to mobilise again to protect their landscape and health.

The project's Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) has many inconsistencies and gaps, and offers no assurance to local residents that their health and well being will be given priority.  If approved, this development would allow the edge of open cut pits within 65 metres of residential backyards.  

Community researchers have compiled comprehensive information about the likely impacts on air and water quality, and risks to mental and physical health.  These have been submitted to the environmental effects hearing and we are awaiting the recommendations of the EIS Panel to Minister Guy.

IMGP7636.JPGMinister Guy and the Victorian Government must hear that communities all around Victoria want real development. Development that adds value to their social fabric and environmental health. 

Join the Big Hill Action Group to voice your concern at the lack of care this government has for the health and well being of rural communities and the environments we value.

The Big Hill Action Group will be presenting a petition to Planning Minister Guy on Tues September 16th.  Join us in a rally and together lets register our demand for sustainable development, not dodgy mining projects.


Please join us at a community RALLY on Tuesday 16 Sept from 1pm until 2pm outside Parliament House in Melbourne.

There will be speakers. Please bring placards. If you are campaigning against another mining project please feel free to highlight your concerns.

You can rsvp for this event here - or just show up.

MP Joe Helper will table the petition in the Legislative Assembly after the rally.

Residents will highlight the public health implications of allowing a major open cut mine within 60 metres of people’s homes.


Organised by Big Hill Action Group with the support of Friends of the Earth

Check here for some background on this issue.

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