How to #StayInPaddleOut this World Oceans Day

The coastal waters of south western Victoria are under threat. Plans for rapid gas expansion of oil and gas drilling in the Otway Basin poses a direct threat to marine life and is bad for tourism. The burning of fossil fuels risks pushing us over an fast approaching tipping point of global emissions and irreversible climate change. 

Join us on World Oceans Day, Monday 8th June for our #StayInPaddleOut action to say #NoNewGas in the Otway Basin!

Help! I’m a city slicker stuck at home during COVID-19 but I still want to participate in the Virtual Paddle Out event this World Oceans Day on June 8th. Trouble is, I don’t have a kayak or a surfboard! What can I do to support this cause and say #NoNewGas while I #StayInPaddleOut?

Here's How you can get involved in the #StayInPaddleOut action of oceans!

Need some inspiration for what your photograph could look like? See below for some ideas of things you could find lying around the house to emulate a real-life paddle out. Thanks for doing your part for our oceans, wildlife, and local industry - see you on the internet!

Option 1: Sit across two chairs or inside a laundry bucket and pretend it’s a kayak, using a mop or broomstick as your paddle

Option 2: Lay your ironing board down on the ground as a makeshift surfboard

Option 3: Lie belly-down on a skateboard or longboard, or anything you have at home!

Option 4: Forgot you actually do have a surfboard? Unearth that old broken one from your back shed

Option 5 to infinity: Riff on any of these ideas, cut out a surfboard from a cardboard box and ride the wave from your loungeroom rug, or make up your own!

Need some more inspiration? See our video for the Virtual Paddle Out here.

RSVP to attend the Virtual Paddle Out on World Oceans Day June 8th here.

Thanks for your interest in participating in our Virtual Paddle Out this World Oceans Day on June 8th. We’re assuming given your interest that you’ve already read our blog on why participating in the Paddle Out is so important, how you can go about posting your photo on the day, and what you should say in your post when you do. If you haven’t, go back and read it now

We might not be able to flock to the coast to rally just yet - but we CAN gather online to RESIST new fossil fuel developments!




And please remember to use the hashtags and tag the VIC Premier (Dan Andrews on Facebook, @DanielAndrewsMP on Twitter, @danielandrewsmp on Instagram) and Resources Minister Jaclyn Symes (Jaclyn Symes MP on Facebook, @JaclynSymes on Twitter, @jaclynsymesmp on Instagram).