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Gas Ban Win for Victoria! Thank you!

gasbanWe did it! Today Victoria became the first Australian state to permanently ban the process of fracking to access ‘unconventional’ gas (gases like coal seam gas or CSG, and Shale and Tight gas). We also achieved an extension of the moratorium on onshore conventional gas drilling until 2020.

Thank you to everyone who built and sustained this campaign. In a time of deep cynicism in politics, this shows what communities can achieve when they work together in a strategic and determined way. Drilling would be happening now in a number of places across southern Victoria if we all hadn’t got active.

It’s worth thanking the politicians who listened, here are some of the key players you can call, email or mention on twitter to say thank you!

If you're mentioning MPs on twitter please use the hashtag #VicGasBan

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews - The Australian Labor Party
phone (03) 9651 5000
[email protected]


Lily D'Ambrosio - The Australian Labor Party
phone (03) 9422 5171
lily.d'[email protected]


Wade Noonan - The Australian Labor Party
(03) 9399 9022
[email protected]


James Purcell - Vote 1 Local Jobs
(03) 5568 2929
[email protected]


Samantha Dunn - The Victorian Greens
(03) 9850 8600
[email protected]


The Victorian Greens - who supported this campaign from day one
(03) 9912 2992
[email protected]

Fiona Patten - The Sex Party
phone (03) 9386 4400
[email protected]



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