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Garnaut Climate protest calls for stronger action

Media Release

September 30 2008

Rudd must reject Garnaut's low climate change targets

of the Earth Australia has described Garnaut's report as a "recipe for
disaster" and called on the government to reject his proposed low-end
carbon pollution targets.

Professor Garnaut's Final Report outlining the science and economics of climate change and emission trading was released today.

Garnaut review has outlined the looming catastrophe of climate change
and the economic costs of not taking action but has failed to recommend
action that will solve the problem."

"A target of 550 ppm of
carbon dioxide is a recipe for disaster and even the lower target of
450 ppm will mean we will face runaway climate change.

Arctic sea ice and Himalaya glaciers are already disappearing and the
permafrost bomb is looming. We need much deeper cuts. "

"This is
a deeply contradictory report. On the one hand the threat and costs of
climate change are clearly outlined and on the other a plan for failure
is recommended."

"Professor Garnaut has described strong targets
as delusional, but he continues to feed a delusional policy debate that
recognises the problem but doesn't want to implement the solution."

government must take heed of the science and economics in this report
but should ignore the deeply political recommendations for low targets."

"We can not wait for the rest of the world before we act and we will not be listened to unless we act strongly."

urge the government to urgently convene a panel of Australia's climate
scientists to outline clearly the targets that the climate science
demands and inform the urgent development of emergency action on
climate change."

Friends of the Earth Australia has previously
written to Professor Garnaut and the government calling for modelling
to be conducted on a program to reduce emissions to 300-325 ppm of CO2.

For information: Damien Lawson 0419 253 342


Garnaut Climate protest will call for stronger action


10 am, Victorian State Parliament Steps, Tuesday, September 30


Community climate activists will stage a protest vigil on the steps of State Parliament tommorow morning responding to the release of Professor Garnaut's final report.

The vigil will call on the Rudd government to implement tougher targets than those expected to be proposed by Professor Garnaut tommorow.

"Time is running out. The government needs to listen to the scientists and take emergency action to cut our carbon pollution," Damien Lawson, climate justice coordinator, Friends of the Earth Australia said.

"Professor Garnaut has said we face catastrophe and then baulked at the first hurdle when it comes to targets. We must base targets on what the science demands, not politics."

"Garnaut's proposal for a 10% reduction by 2020 would take us into runaway climate change and threaten much of the life on the planet."

"Government policy must be focused on a global emergency program to reduce emissions to 300-325 ppm of CO2 and cool the planet. The first step is making deep cuts in Australia."

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