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Forests Volunteer

We organise alongside grassroots environment groups, First Nations custodians, and regional advocates for a faster, fairer transition for forest industry workers in order to end native forest logging and clear the way for environmentally sound and socially just alternatives. The state government’s current transition plan out of native forest logging by 2030 offers communities too little and comes far too late. VicForests are going hell-for-leather and destroying our last remaining forests while they can, compromising the long-term wellbeing of all Victorians in a time of climate and economic crisis.

We believe that by supporting grassroots people in affected areas, we can end native forest logging while creating socially just outcomes for First Nations custodians, forest industry workers, regional communities, and all Victorians vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Who's volunteering
Elysee Lee
Jennifer Reeves
Winter Galbraith
Letizia Sammut
Devendra Desai
Kate Lawrence
Bonny Rowles-van Rijswijk
Will Hayes
Claud Gallois

Will you volunteer?