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Fix the Solar Feed-In Tariff

Join the community rally on Wednesday 6th May to call on the government to improve the solar laws

Fix the Solar Feed-In Tariff

1.00pm Wednesday 6th May

Steps of Parliament House

Wear a GREEN SHIRT as we call for green solar jobs in Victoria

A real solar feed-in tariff will:

* increase the number of solar panels on Victorian roofs

* grow green collar jobs in Victoria

* support our solar industry

* and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions

The Brumby Government is trying to deliver us a fake

Join us as we call for a real solar solution and Green Collar Jobs for Victoria

We’ll tell the Brumby Government their action on climate change is not good enough. We’ll tell the Liberal, National, DLP and Greens parties that this is their chance - improve the solar laws in Parliament and create a bright future for Victoria’s solar industry and Victorian jobs

HELP US get at least 100 people along to show our politicians that this is their chance to stand up for action on climate change, solar jobs and a bright solar future for Victoria.

/*I love living in a sunburnt country, but I’d love a solar state even more!*/

Organised by Environment Victoria, with the support of a range of groups including FoE

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