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ACT NOW: Call on Federal govt MPs for a science-based climate target

When it comes to the climate crisis, we’re in a race to zero emissions. Yet the Morrison government’s weak 2030 climate target puts us at the back of the pack in a race we can’t afford to lose.

In November 2021, the Morrison government signed, then seemingly walked away from, the Glasgow Climate Pact—an agreement that requires countries who haven't strengthened their 2030 targets to do so at the COP27 in Egypt later this year.

The United States, United Kingdom, and dozens of other countries have strengthened their 2030 climate targets. Here in Australia, the Labor opposition and The Greens have committed to deliver deeper emissions cuts this decade. 

It's time for the Coalition to pick up the pace on climate to secure new jobs and industries and protect communities from intensifying bushfires, floods, and rising sea levels.

ACT NOW: Call on your Federal government MPs to commit to a science-based climate target.