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Take Action: Let's commit to 100% electric buses by 2030!

Right now, we are in the critical decade to act on climate change. This means rapidly decarbonising our transport network in order to reduce emissions and create sustainable and liveable cities.

Earlier this week, Victorian Minister for Public Transport, Ben Carroll, announced a new bus contract which will see 36 electric buses hitting the road from 2025, and a further 341 electric buses 2031.

With Melbourne home to exactly 2413 diesel buses that transport thousands of people each week, we must increase our ambition when it comes to electrification of our bus fleet. We cannot afford to have ANY polluting diesel buses on our roads if we are to really tackle emissions in the transport sector.

Will Minister Ben Carroll commit to 100% electric buses statewide by 2030? Or will he stick with the current target which would still mean hundreds of polluting diesel buses on our roads....

The Victorian community is calling for a transition to 100% electric buses across the state to decarbonise our transport sector and tackle climate change. 

Now it's time for the community to take that message to Minister Carroll's inbox.