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DrillWatch community resource coming soon

The ban on conventional gas drilling in Victoria will be no more from July.

It's clear the time for gas is approaching burnout. From the defeat of AGL's planned gas import terminal in Westernport to the thousands of students calling on the Federal Government to #FundOurFutureNotGas, communities across the country are calling for an end to fossil fuels.

But the removal of this temporary ban (moratorium) on gas drilling in Victoria from July 1, sends a signal to gas companies that Victoria is essentially open for business for a last ditch attempt to drill for drill for gas across Gippsland and South West Victoria.

This is bad news for regional communities, for our farmers and for the climate. 

The good news is that a resource is being put together that will support communities to defend their land, health and future.

Coming soon, 'DrillWatch' is a new digital resource for communities resisting new gas developments in Victoria.

Combining citizen science and community organising, DrillWatch will show current gas developments and allow communities to log information like proposed gas infrastructure, community consultations, and drill rig sightings, and coordinate their resistance to any planned exploration or drilling. 

Community resistance is now the only thing standing between the underground deposits and the gas guzzlers. 

But to keep the gas guzzlers at bay, these communities will need our help.  

Take the pledge - Say you will join with frontline communities in standing up to the gas industry.


These folks live in some of the most productive agricultural regions in the state, and have already fought hard to prevent other forms of dangerous gas extraction like fracking from taking hold in the regions.

From 2011 - 2017 these communities campaigned to lock the frackers out, we can't let these companies get back in the door!

So it's time for all of us to step up and Pledge to Protect the communities on the frontline.

No matter where you live, you can take the DrillWatch Pledge to show your support for frontline communities in regional areas, and commit to standing with them in solidarity when the gas guzzlers come to town. 

Can we count on you to stand with regional communities?

To build a network of support for communities on the frontline, we'll be organising decentralised DrillWatch launch parties across the state. 

We'll also get busy building support from the city to the country to make sure the companies set to benefit from drilling in agricultural communities get the message our gates are still locked for gas companies. 

When you make a tax deductible donation before June 30, you'll to help us get people connected before the moratorium on gas drilling lifts on July 1.


Meanwhile, watch this space.... the full DrillWatch site will go live in August 2021...


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