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Statement on Victorian ALP environment policy

Barmah_forest.jpgCoalition still missing in action

Friends of the Earth has welcomed the release of the Victorian ALP’s environment policy today.

Unlike the Coalition, the ALP has put forward an environment policy prior to the election. Concern for the environment runs deep in the community, regardless of people’s voting intentions. In the 21st century it is incredible that any Party thinks it can go to the polls without policies on environment and climate change.

We welcome the commitment to ban grazing in the Red Gum and Alpine National Parks.

“There is wide support in the community for the Great Forest National Park. There is a risk that the Industry Taskforce proposed in the policy will not deliver the Great Forest Park. The decisions taken by the next government of Victoria will probably determine the future of Leadbeater’s Possum in the wild”.

“We have previously supported the ALP’s commitment to get the renewable energy sector re-energised here in Victoria and welcome the commitment to develop new renewable technology and provide support for community-owned renewable energy projects”.

“We are delighted by the commitment to develop a carbon emissions reduction target and to better protect the health of ‘front line’ communities who are impacted by hazardous materials. The commitment to reopen the Hazelwood Inquiry and consider rehabilitation options is especially important”.

“This has been a state election campaign where environmental issues have been pushed to the margins of the public debate. Over the last four years the Coalition has done a U Turn on how Victoria’s environment is cared for. While we are disappointed that the policy does not go further, for instance in banning new coal allocations and the development of the unconventional gas industry, or endorsing a Victorian renewable energy target (VRET), we welcome the fact that the ALP has brought this most pivotal of issues in from the cold.”


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