Become an Active Friend of Yes 2 Renewables today!


Become an Active Friend of Yes 2 Renewables today!

Yes 2 Renewables is Friends of the Earth Melbourne’s community campaign for 100% Renewable Energy, good jobs and climate action, and the fiercest advocate for wind and solar around.

After successfully campaigning for the Victorian Renewable Energy Target - a plan that will create over 10,000 jobs in wind and solar - we’re now turning our attention to the transport system with our vision to power Melbourne’s trains with renewables.

Your monthly donation will see our successful campaign go from strength to strength, and make sure we can take the message for a clean 21st Century transport system powered by renewable energy all around the state.

We’ve won before and with your support we can win again! If you want to be a champion for 100% Renewable Energy, become an Active Friend of Yes 2 Renewables today. 

MInimum amount is $10 per month.
Your credit card will be billed automatically every month
Contributions over $2 (excluding a small membership fee) are tax deductible. Full membership terms and conditions can be found here.