What does the government say?


According to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), Australia’s pesticide regulator:

“In January 2000, the APVMA (then known as NRA) released a Chlorpyrifos interim review report which summarised the outcomes of interim chemistry, agricultural, toxicological, occupational health and safety and environmental assessment reports.  The report found that some home and garden formulations of chlorpyrifos could pose an unacceptable health and safety risk and that there were potential environmental concerns, particularly for birds and fish. As a result, several regulatory measures were implemented including label amendments with updated directions for use, first aid and safety directions, and environmental warning statements.”

There are approximately 135 products containing Chlorpyrifos, which are registered by the APVMA. The chemical has been under a review process in Australia since 1996.