Take action to secure an ambitious Victorian Renewable Energy Target


After nearly two years, our community campaign for a Victorian Renewable Energy Target has been successful.

The Andrews government has announced a Renewable Energy Target of no less than 20 per cent by 2020 while launching its Renewable Energy Roadmap. It has committed to establish targets for 2020 and 2025 and it will seek the community's views on what they should be.

This is just the beginning.

Now that the government is listening, we must call on them to establish Victorian Renewable Energy Targets with ambition.

A commitment of at least 20 per cent renewable by 2020 is a positive first step and will see more wind farms built across the state. But we need ramped up targets if we're to tackle climate change and create good jobs while we're taking action.

We're also awaiting the government to detail the mechanisms it'll use to grow renewable energy in our state. These details will be finalised in a Renewable Energy Action Plan released later this year.

There's still a way to go in this campaign, but we're well-positioned to get a good result.

Labor has said "yes" to the community before. It said "yes" to restore fair laws for wind farms. It said "yes" to our calls for a VRET.

Now we need them to say "yes" to ambitious Victorian Renewable Energy Targets. This will only happen with your help.

To send a clear signal to the government, we need you to email Premier Daniel Andrews today.