Volunteer Opportunities

Listed below are current volunteer opportunities with Friends of the Earth Melbourne. If you are interested, please email phil.evans@foe.org.au to register your interest

If your interest lies specifically with one of our campaigns, then please contact the above email and we will set you up with a contact.

Food Co-op

Volunteers play an important part in running the food co-operative. One way in which you can volunteer is through becoming a rostered worker. Being a rostered worker involves doing a four hour shift each fortnight. Please click here if you are interested in volunteering at the Food Co-op.

Tasks may include:

      • community education
      • cooking
      • cleaning
      • packing
      • gathering resources
      • helping shoppers
      • ordering food
      • maintaining finances
      • fundraising
      • making signs
      • working on the cash register
      • researching products
      • writing articles for the Friends of the Earth newsletter, or
      • any other projects that you may wish to discuss with the co-ordinator

Community Outreach Team

FoEM Stalls Coordinator/s

Approximately 8 – 12 hrs per week (usually including weekends)

Develop the stall kit and also update a campaign booklet which is needed for stalls to promote the work of Friends of the Earth. Will also work closely with the Merchandise Coordinator/s, Membership and Fundraising Team and collectives to monitor requirements and resources for the stall as needs arise.

Tasks include:

      • Researching stall opportunities and booking as need be.
      • Recruiting teams to run the stall at events.
      • Maintain the stall kit and update resources as required.
      • Operate stalls with other volunteers.

FoEM Schools Program Coordinator/s

Role to be developed with interested parties

Work closely with collectives, affiliates and allied teachers to develop a schools program for Friends of the Earth.

Communications Team

FoEM Communications Coordinator/s

Approximately 8 – 12 hrs per week

Assist the Operations Collective with the external communications with members and supporters. This includes, but is not limited to, emails, newsletters, social media, blogging and mail outs. This volunteer role works closely with the Membership and Fundraising Coordinator.

Tasks include:

      • Coordinate the content creation for monthly e-news bulletins gathering information from all the collectives.
      • Design and input content into an email blast sent from the NationBuilder system.
      • Coordinate the content creation for the three monthly FoEM newsletter sent to members.
      • Assist the Membership and Fundraising Coordinator with the development of fundraising letters to be sent to supporters twice a year.
      • Put up Facebook and Twitter posts at events or when available to do so.
      • Assist Operations Collective in communications strategy approaches for the organisation.
      • Create at least one blog per week for the FoEM website in consultation with Campaign Coordinator.

FoEM Archivist

Approximately 4 – 8 hours per week

Assist the FoEM with recording and maintaining the history of our organisation and making sure our story can be told in the future.

Tasks include:

      • Digitising flyers, pamphlets and paraphernalia for archiving.
      • Recording important historical data for future use.

Creatives Team

FoEM Graphic Designer/s

Approximately 2 -4 hours a week (as need arises)

Join the team of graphic designers creating the creative, visual components of the campaigns and collectives. A Facebook private group has been set up and campaigners pitch to the team of graphic designers with concepts and relevant images, fonts and logos for development. Usually online infographics, flyers, posters are called for.

Tasks include:

      • Keep an eye on the Facebook group for campaigner pitches.
      • Use described concepts and ideas to create graphics for the campaigns.
      • Make different size representations as the need arises for different media.

FoEM Posterer/s

Approximately 2- 4 hours a week (as need arises)

Work in your local area putting up flyers and posters in local shops and around to promote upcoming events and actions. Liaise with collectives and others in the creatives team to determine need and organise teams in various geographical areas.

Tasks include:

      • Organise printing at friendly local business and allies.
      • Organise teams to work in different areas.
      • Pull together resources needed (eg – tape, paste up glue etc).

FoEM Culture Jammer/s

Approximately 2 – 4 hours a week (as need arises)

Liaise with campaigners and collectives to determine strategic targets and use culture jamming to advance campaign objectives. Culture jamming includes taking established logos, advertisements and the like and rebranding them to represent the realities of their work, or to bring shame to a company or logo that is not representing the truth behind their work. This activity DOES NOT imply criminal damage.

Tasks include:

      • Liaise with campaigners and collectives to determine targets.
      • Work with graphic designers and artists to create required resources.
      • Implement creative re-branding actions and work with communications team to spread the word.

Super Human Information Tech Support Team

FoEM Website Developer/s

Approximately 4 – 8 hours a week

Liaise with Communications Team and campaigners collectives to develop and implement online solutions for campaigns. FoEM and collectives uses NationBuilder and several different CMS platforms including WordPress and Drupal.

Tasks may include:

      • Making adjustments to webpages as required by collectives and campaigns.
      • Finding new solutions that integrate existing platforms with new apps and tools.
      • Developing new websites for campaigns and collectives.

FoEM Hardware and Software Tech Support

Approximately 4 hours a week

Update and maintain the office computers to ensure that software and hardware does not degrade. Troubleshoot and try to find solutions to issues as they arise.

Tasks include:

      • Update and install any virus protection.
      • Research and install any applications that may enhance office operations and protection.
      • Fix and re-install corrupted or new software.

Finances Team

FoEM Finance Assistant/s

Approximately 8 hours per week

Friends of the Earth has a complex structure of collectives and affiliates who operate under the FoE banner. Our Finances Coordinator pulls in all the financial data – including campaign expenses and donations etc… and keeps accurate records in accordance with relevant regulation and legislation. Only people with experience are recommended

Tasks include:

      • Data and ledger entry.
      • Receipt and invoice processing.
      • Wages and other payment processing.

Membership & Fundraising Team

FoEM Data Operator/s

Approximately 4hours per week

Assist the Operations Collective with the maintenance of member and supporter details and data in the NationBuilder system. This role works closely with the Membership and Fundraising Coordinator.

Tasks include:

      • Data entry from events and supporter engagements.
      • Updating member and supporter details in the NationBuilder data system.
      • Merging duplicate entries in the NationBuilder data system.

FoEM Merchandise Coordinator/s

Approximately 4- 6 hours per week

FoE’s online shop sells only just a few of the amazing bits of merchandise that our creative collectives have developed. We would love to see the shop brimming with new and exciting ethical products that carry a message of social and environmental justice. Our coordinator would work with collectives and the stall coordinator to ensure that stock levels are maintained, and also to send out stock as it is required.

Tasks include:

      • Use the BigCommerce online system to update products as need be.
      • Use the BigCommerce online system to monitor orders and despatch as need be.
      • Liaise with ethical suppliers to ensure stock levels are maintained.
      • Develop and research ethical options for future merchandise items.

FoEM Phone Fundraiser/s

Approximately 4 hours a week

Work with our Active Friends and Membership and Fundraising Coordinators to call lists of people to invite them to join the Friends of the Earth family. Training will be supplied.

Tasks include:

      • Liaise with collectives to update campaign information to be used in pitches.
      • Have intentional conversations with supporters to encourage membership with FoE.
      • Record and process new memberships in the NationBuilder database system.

Event Coordinator/s

Approximately 6 hours a week (plus more at events)

Research and develop fundraising event opportunities for Friends of the Earth. This role will likely include volunteer management and specialised event skills. The sky is the limit! This role will be developed alongside the Membership & Fundraising Coordinator.

Research & Policy Team

FoEM Researcher/s

Approximately 8 – 20 hours per week

Assist the Campaigns Coordinator and various campaign collectives with research. Speciality in a particular field is helpful, but no necessarily required. Research will be compiled into well referenced briefing notes for campaigners to update them on topics.

Tasks include:

      • Monitoring media on specific topics and setting up alerts.
      • Reading journal articles and other scholarly work to gather information.
      • Reviewing hansard and other records for information.
      • Compiling notes into well referenced briefing documents.
      • Briefing collectives and campaigners on information that you have learnt.
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