Much of Victoria's farmland is currently under exploration for coal or unconventional gas. While Victoria currently has a moratorium on fracking and approvals of any exploration activity for onshore gas drilling, this could be lifted by early next year.

The state government is hoping to push the issue out beyond the November election.

Research by Friends of the Earth estimates that the Victorian governments anti-wind policy (VC82) has cost Victoria around $966 million in lost or stalled investment and 540 direct jobs in construction. 

If you want to see Victoria build a clean energy future and protect our farmlands, then please sign the petition below to the Victorian Premier

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The Hon Daniel Andrews Premier of Victoria

Dear Premier,

The most recent IPCC report shows that humans are driving climate change and that, without immediate action to reduce emissions, we are heading towards dangerous climate change.

Like the majority of Victorians, I support the state government taking action to reduce our contribution to climate change. We must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Victoria must learn from the example of NSW and Queensland, where coal and gas is devastating rural communities. Please act to permanently protect our precious farmland.

I appreciate that Victoria currently has a moratorium on fracking and approvals of any exploration activity for onshore gas drilling.

I urge you to implement a permanent ban on any new coal and gas mining operations in key areas in Victoria. You must rule out any further coal allocations.

I urge you to commit to re-write the Baillieu government’s VC82 anti-wind laws. These laws are stifling the development of renewable energy in our state. 

The Coalition has walked away from meaningful action to reduce greenhouse emissions. We need leadership. Please commit to establishing a Victorian Renewable Energy target (VRET) to compliment the national target and drive the creation of jobs and investment in the green economy that our state so desperately needs.

Yours sincerely, 


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