#VicGasBan - Together we can!

Together, we can and will achieve amazing things. We are so close to Victoria becoming the first set state in Australia with a permanent ban on fracking and onshore gas mining!

We strongly believe that when communities unite together to speak with one voice, nothing can stop them!

We need to continue to work with communities to fight this battles to the end, and we need your help. We need to keep the pressure on the new minister over the next two months to ensure that he makes the right decision in August. Your donation will help us to: 

Green_Tick.png support local communities through this process;

Green_Tick.png  lobby the new minister and other members of Cabinet; and

Green_Tick.png keep this issue in the media with creative actions to get our point across.

Donate below to help us realise this vision of a gasfield free Victoria - or click here to become a member and share the journey with us!


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