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This Christmas, give the gift that won’t be wasted

Most of us love giving and (and getting!) gifts, it’s one of the ways we show people that we love them.

But we also know that almost everything we buy impacts the environment.

Give someone you love a Transform Waste Sponsorship, and you can both feel good about making a real difference this Christmas!

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More about Transform Waste

You care about waste- we have the solution. Wasting less isn’t just about being responsible for our choices and what bin we put things in, it’s about making sure the things we put in the bin end up being used responsibly- or that the things that threaten our lives and the earth aren’t available for purchase in the first place! Transform Waste, based in Melbourne, does this every day of the year, using your grassroots support to hold government and big business to account.

Our collectively run campaigns make a huge impact on a shoestring budget.  Friends of the Earth has run these kinds of campaigns for the past 45 years, and state politicians are interested and listening to our feedback. This is your opportunity to have your voice is heard.

Being membership-based means we rely on the power of our members to keep the lights on – literally! Funding for Transform Waste is 100% from grassroots donations. We don’t take money from big business or political parties, and we make every cent count.

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Your membership provides vital campaign resources to our grassroots campaigns for social and environmental justice.

*Minimum monthly contribution is $10 per month. A small membership processing fee of $30 per annum is taken which is not tax deductible. Read more about membership here.

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