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Our vision for the future of transport

We support the development of community alliances, bringing together groups across the state who are on the frontlines of new mega road projects or key areas for transport reform. Community led campaigns build political support for accessible and equitable transport solutions over more mega roads, and demonstrate the need for government investment in public transport and active travel solutions. Together we can power community led campaigns for an integrated transport system that reduces emissions, creates local jobs and connected Victorian communities.

FoE Transport logoPublic money invested in fast, reliable and electric public transport that is accessible to all

Encourage active travel like walking and cycling for healthier communities and reduce reliance on roads

End the building of all new major road projects

End all new toll roads that put profits into the hands of corporations and further disadvantage communities that need to use them

Support communities across Victoria to drive local transport solutions that are accessible, equitable and interconnected


Transport emissions are the 2nd biggest sector of greenhouse gas emissions, and the fastest rising sector in Victoria. Ensuring fast, reliable and electric public transport and active travel options that are accessible to all, rather than more mega roads is key to reducing emissions, creating local jobs and connecting our communities