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Transform Partners & Sponsors



TRANSFORM Expo is excited to partner with Bank Australia, as they exists to inspire and empower customers to use their money to create a world where people and the planet thrive. They are 100% customer owned, a certified B Corp and aim to be Australia’s most trusted bank. Their commitment to clean money means they focus our lending and investments in areas that do good, not harm, for people and the planet. Bank Australia supports 186,000 customers and we’re the custodians of more than $10 billion in assets.

As a customer owned bank, we listen to our customers and we know that 86% of our customers want to see greater action on climate change.
The Bank Australia Climate Action Strategy outlines their vision, ambitions and commitments to acting on climate change. Their headline climate action commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2035 places them as the most ambitious bank in the country, and equal most ambitious bank in the world.

It also includes a pillar of work on climate justice, focused on actively supporting the economy in the Latrobe Valley as it transitions from fossil fuels, and seeking guidance and leadership from First Nations voices on climate action. They are focusing on supporting the Latrobe Valley community given the bank’s history and presence, with a third of our staff based in the region. One of the larger credit unions that merged into what is Bank Australia today was the Enterprise Credit Union, the credit union for employees of Victoria’s former State Electricity Commission.

Thank you Bank Australia for your support in bringing TRANSFORM to life.





Star of the South 
is an official sponsor of TRANSFORM Expo and is Australia’s most advanced offshore wind project, proposed to be located off the coast of Port Albert and Woodside Beach in Gippsland. 
Star of the South would help meet energy, emissions reduction, and economic goals by supplying secure, reliable and affordable power for up to 1.2 million homes.

The project is in the feasibility phase with environmental assessments currently underway to inform project planning and approvals. We’re excited to be exploring offshore wind in the Gippsland region, which has a proud history of power generation and offshore oil and gas exploration. An offshore wind industry would continue energy jobs in the region for generations to come. If Star of the South is approved and proceeds to construction, works could start around the middle of this decade with first power around the end of the decade.

Thank you Star of the South for your sponsorship of TRANSFORM Expo.





Corio Generation is an official sponsor of TRANSFORM Expo and an offshore wind developer and portfolio company of Macquarie’s Green Investment Group, operating on a standalone basis.

Corio have a project pipeline of over 30+ GW worldwide across established and emerging offshore wind markets. Their global team of offshore wind specialists take projects from origination, through development and construction, and into operations. By applying this long-term approach to Australian activities, Corio is confident in ensuring the social, environmental and economic benefits of its projects are realised and delivered.

Their projects support local economies while meeting the energy needs of communities and corporate off-takers sustainably, reliably, safely and responsibly.

The current key focus for Corio in Australia is the Great Eastern Offshore Wind (GEOW) project which is proposed to be located approximately 22 kilometres off the central Gippsland coast, in the state of Victoria.

The fixed-bottom wind project will help to accelerate the offshore wind sector in Australia and support Federal and State ambitions to reduce carbon emissions. If fully realised, the GEOW project will generate up to 2.5 GW and deliver long-term job opportunities for the Gippsland region by building on the significant energy-skilled workforce already operating in the area.

Thank you Corio Generation for your sponsorship of TRANSFORM Expo.




The Victorian Government is introducing new legislation into Parliament in early 2024 to establish the Victorian Transmission Investment Framework. This is a new framework for how major electricity transmission infrastructure and Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) will be planned and developed in Victoria to ensure that cheaper, more reliable renewable energy can be delivered to homes and businesses across the state.

VicGrid is an official sponsor of TRANSFORM Expo and will develop coordinated transmission solutions for offshore wind projects on a way that reduces impacts on landscapes and communities, while ensuring Victoria remains an attractive destination for renewable energy generation investment and that energy costs for consumers are affordable.

Thank you VICGrid for your sponsorship of TRANSFORM Expo.



Flotation Energy is and official sponsor of TRANSFORM Expo, and a global leader in the development of offshore wind projects. Who have projects in Australia and the UK, Ireland, Taiwan, and Japan.

Their team conceived and led the development of Kincardine, the world’s biggest operational floating offshore wind farm off Aberdeen, Scotland - how epic is that!

There is a tremendous opportunity to make offshore wind a significant contributor to Australia’s power generation and net zero future.

They have brought together a team of local experts with the technical skills, knowledge and passion to lead the move towards sustainable and reliable renewable energy in Australia and on the Gippsland coastline, through their Seadragon project. Their growing team’s experience includes expertise in:

  • Project Development and Partnering
  • Engineering and Project Management
  • Offshore Infrastructure
  • Environmental Impacts Assessments
  • Regulatory and Planning Applications
  • Working with Communities

Thank you Flotation Energy for your sponsorship of TRANSFORM Expo.




Marinus Link is an official sponsor of TRANSFORM EXPO and an underground and undersea electricity and data cable that will further connect Tasmania and Victoria.

It will have a 1500-megawatt (MW) capacity, equal to the power supply for 1.5 million Australian homes. 

Marinus Link will ensure customers and businesses can access the lowest-cost, most reliable power. For Australians, Marinus Link will unlock hydropower resources, providing access to massive amounts of renewable storage capacity. 

In delivering a reliable, secure energy supply and stronger data connections, Marinus Link will attract investment in renewable energy, data and new industries, providing more than $10 billion in gross market benefits.

Marinus Link is expected to create more than 1400 direct and indirect Tasmanian and Victorian jobs and thousands more, as a result of the project.

Thank you Marinus Link for your sponsorship of TRANSFORM Expo.





The Latrobe Health Assembly is an official sponsor of TRANSFORM Expo and a community-led organisation that seeks to positively shape and test new ways of working to improve health and wellness in the Latrobe Valley. This is achieved by facilitating and enabling collaboration amongst the local communities, local organisations and state-wide agencies and government.

Comprising up to 50 members, the Assembly works with people who live, work and study in Latrobe Valley to give voice to community aspirations in the planning and delivering of better health and wellbeing outcomes. Membership within the Latrobe Health Assembly is diverse and representative of various locations, communities, professions, and demographics. In addition to community representation, the Assembly includes:

  • An independent chair
  • A standing representative from the following: Victorian Department of Health, Latrobe Community Health Services, Latrobe Regional Hospital, Latrobe City Council and the Gippsland Primary Health Network
  • Representatives from Government Departments and organisations, including the Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, WorkSafe, Environmental Protection Authority, Department of Education and Training, VicHealth, Commonwealth Department of Health, Latrobe Valley Authority and Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions.

Thank you The Latrobe Valley Health Assembly for your sponsorship of TRANSFORM Expo.



BlueFloat Energy is an official sponsor of TRANSFORM Expo, and a nimble and fast-growing offshore wind developer shaping the global energy transformation by bringing scaled decarbonisation solutions to new markets. Leveraging their team’s extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in both bottom-fixed and floating offshore wind project development and execution, they are at the forefront of the emerging global market for offshore wind. They have a vision that offshore wind is a key enabling technology for Australia as the nation pivots from fossil fuels to a net zero future. They currently have 4 projects in Australia totalling over 6 GW of proposed generation.

The Greater Gippsland Offshore Wind Project is located off the Gippsland coast and has a generation capacity of 2.1 GW. It will utilise floating technology and be able to generate enough electricity to power approximately 1 million homes.

Thank you BlueFloat Energy for your sponsorship of TRANSFORM Expo.




Iberdrola Australia is an official sponsor of TRANSFORM Expo and they have a twenty-year record of pioneering the energy transition in Australia.

As an Australian renewable energy leader, they are committed to working together with government, industry, community stakeholders and Traditional Owners to drive positive social impacts that help Australians realise the economic benefits of the Energy Transition.

Iberdrola Australia is one of the country’s largest renewable energy businesses. Their generation portfolio is more than 95% renewable and includes 9 wind farms, 3 solar farms, 2 grid scale batteries and 2 fast-start gas peakers. This flexible and diversified portfolio enable us to provide customers with firm supplies of clean energy, managing intermittency risks associated with wind and solar generation.  We also offer our customers smart solutions based at their own commercial and industrial sites including behind the meter solar, batteries, demand response and smart mobility.  Our pioneering green, customer centric strategy has resulted in us being described as “the utility of the future”.

If Iberdrola Australia’s Gippsland offshore wind submission is approved, it will deliver up to 3,600 jobs during construction; 1200 long-lasting, skilled jobs during operation; $8.8 billion boost to the Victorian economy; and power up to 5 million households.

Thank you Iberdrola Australia for your sponsorship of TRANSFORM Expo.

Elanora Offshore is an official sponsor of TRANSFORM Expo. The Elanora Offshore wind farm is a 5-Gigawatt development off the coast of Gippsland. Once fully operational, Elanora Offshore could provide sufficient clean power to supply 40% of Victoria’s current energy needs. Our wind turbines will be placed far from shore, minimising visual impact and interference with other marine users.

The Elanora Offshore consortium has been purpose-built to address the most challenging aspects of offshore wind delivery in the new Australian market. Together, KIMAenergy, EnergyAustralia, Respect Energy, Polpo Investments and Boskalis bring financial strength, offshore wind expertise, local know-how, supply chain access & offtake solutions. Boskalis, for instance, provides access to highly specialised offshore wind installation vessels and significantly de-risks supply chain access.

Elanora Offshore has funding commitments in place from leading global investors and boasts a proven track record in delivering offshore wind and energy infrastructure projects in Europe, Asia and Australia. Led out of Victoria by a highly experienced management team, their focus is to implement world-leading, sustainable offshore wind technology with agility, while ensuring benefits for local communities and minimizing our environmental impact. The 5 Gigawatt project in Gippsland will create over 3,000 direct jobs during construction, and 320 direct jobs during operations.

Through EnergyAustralia’s involvement, opportunities for Gippsland coal-power workers will be created via its $10 million investment in the Yallourn transition plan. Elanora Offshore will prioritise working with local and Indigenous communities, co-existence with other marine users and minimising our environmental impact.

Thank you Elanora Offshore for your sponsorship of TRANSFORM Expo.




Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative is an official community partner of TRANSFORM Expo and a pioneering project to manufacture new energy technology in the Latrobe Valley – creating local jobs and helping households reduce their power bills. 

Their worker-run factory produces premium quality solar and heat pump hot water products. 

They are also developing a range of innovative mobile energy storage solutions. 

These combine portable solar generation and battery storage to offer a clean, fume-free and noise-free alternative to diesel generators, and incorporate 100% recyclable and non-flammable SoNick batteries. 

They are a proud member of the Earthworker Cooperative network, and are committed to finding fair and practical ways to tackle climate change and economic justice. 

Their cooperative aims to provide dignified and democratic livelihoods while make new energy technology and services available to households around Australia.

You can reduce pollution, cut your power bills, grow local manufacturing, and help transform the Latrobe Valley into a clean energy hub by choosing "Made in Morwell" hot water products and energy solutions.



Cooperative Power is an official community partner of TRANSFORM Expo.

CoPower offers affordable electricity to households across Victoria.  By switching to CoPower you are helping take the power back from huge energy corporations for the benefit of people and the planet. CoPower is a democratic cooperative which is member run and owned. Every customer member has an equal say on where 100% of revenue goes. So, your energy bill builds the world you want to live in. Head to their website to switch your homes electricity here.

Cooperative Power is a new way for people to buy clean, sustainable & affordable energy – and build a better future for us all.

Thank you to CoPower for not only supporting but continuing to build community.



Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC)
are an official community partner of TRANSFORM Expo. Read this story from GLaWAC:

We are Gunaikurnai, the first people of our Country. We have survived for tens of thousands of years, often against great adversity. We have looked after Country and passed on our stories and traditions through countless generations. We continue to survive and thrive, maintaining connection to our Country and to our Ancestors.

-Gunaikurnai Whole of Country Plan

The Gunaikurnai people are recognised by the Federal Court and the State of Victoria as the Traditional Owners of a large area of Gippsland - spanning from Warragul in the west to the Snowy River in the east, and from the Great Divide in the north to the coast in the south - approx. 10% of the state.

The Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC) is the Registered Aboriginal Party representing the Gunaikurnai people as determined by the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council under the Aboriginal Heritage Act, 2006.

Our Country is the land, the rivers and the ocean, the people and the stories, the past and the future. All of it is connected. All of it is important to us. Country heals us and connects us to our Ancestors, our culture and our history.

As Gunaikurnai, we see land (Wurruk), waters (Yarnda), air (Watpootjan) and the sky world (nurt), all and every living thing, as one.

All things come from Wurruk, Yarnda, Watpootjan and nurt; they are the spiritual life-giving sources, providing us resources and forming the basis of our cultural practices.

We have a cultural responsibility to ensure it is all looked after.

Thank you to the Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation for continuing to care for Country, as you have for tens of thousands of years.





The Latrobe Valley Authority are an official community partner of TRANSFORM Expo, together with a range of industry, education, government and community partners they are working to identify opportunities to further leverage new energy as one of Gippsland’s regional strengths.

The region's extensive electricity infrastructure and transmission network are significant assets which provide opportunities for utility scale renewable energy generation.
A number of renewable energy projects are now coming online, many of which have been supported through the Latrobe Valley Authority’s New Energy Jobs and Investment Fund, as well as through the Gippsland Smart Specialisation strategy.

Thank you to Latrobe Valley Authority for your support of TRANSFORM Expo, and for bringing together the community to transition together.