Climate Change Act – time for transition


The ALP established the Victorian Climate Change Act (CCA) in 2010. It originally had an emissions reduction target of 20% by 2020 (based on 2000 levels). The Coalition gutted the Act when it was the government in Victoria (2010 – 2014). During these years, action on climate change stalled in the state, at a time when climate science made it clear that we had no time to waste (gutting the Act and walking away from discussions for a staged closure of the Hazelwood mine was made worse by the implementation of the regressive VC82 anti wind laws).

The Andrew’s government has committed to re build the Act. It has accepted the majority of the recommendations from the Independent Review of the Climate Change Act and is currently drafting legislation which will strengthen the Act (the government’s intention is to table this legislation before the end of 2016).

The Independent Review recommended the Act include legislated Emission Reduction Targets (ERTs), with the first one to be set in 2020. The government has stated that this is too slow, and intends to announce an interim target in late 2016 for action between 2017 and 2020.