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The moratorium was won through significant numbers of people getting organised and staying active in the campaign over several years. From 2011-2016, 75 regional communities declared themselves ‘gasfield free’ after surveying attitudes within that community. And since we won the ban, climate science has made it even clearer that the time for new gas development is over. Additionally, the state government is in the process of opening up new offshore areas to gas drilling. We have a convergence of issues that can be forged into a powerful alliance – farming and regional communities, those reliant on clean marine systems for their income, and the vast majority of Victorians who understand the imperatives of climate change (only 7% of Victorians hold climate sceptic positions).

We have until 2020 to build a strong voice demanding that the State Government protect our state by banning further fossil fuel development.

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This October, Join Friends of the Earth and community alliances for a statewide day of action against new fossil fuels! 

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