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MEDIA RELEASE: Community calls on Andrews to develop a 50-year sustainable transport plan with Parliament House rally

Sustainable Cities New transport plan friends of the earth
MEDIA RELEASE: Wed 27 Nov 2019

Community calls on Andrews to develop a 50-year sustainable transport plan with Parliament House rally

On Wednesday 27 November, community members took to the steps of Parliament House to mark the 50th anniversary of Melbourne’s first (and last) integrated transport plan and demand a plan for the next fifty years.

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Action Recap: Petition Delivery to Stop the North East Link

Stop the North East Link Sustainable Cities Petition Delivery

On Thursday, community members delivered a petition on behalf of 700 people calling for a stop to the $16 billion North East Link toll road.

Members of Parliament Sam Hibbins (Victorian Greens spokesperson for Transport) and Clifford Hayes (Sustainable Australia Party) accepted the petition and delivered it to decision makers.

“[The North East Link is] a lazy solution to frustrated residents in the North-East corridor that will only increase the city’s dependence on cars,” said community member Cynthia Pilli on the steps of Parliament.

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Our Suburban Rail Vision

There is a huge appetite for more public transport in Melbourne – when the Suburban Rail Loop was first announced the public celebration was enormous. People want public transport to be prioritised. But will the Suburban Rail Loop meet expectations?

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Doncaster Rail Mock Opening

Sustainable Cities Doncaster Rail

Last week locals came together for a mock opening of Doncaster Rail to call on the Andrews government to stop the North East Link. It was a fantastic action with moving speeches from community members like Cynthia Pilli.

“We call on the Parliament to immediately review their mega toll road thinking of the last decade.”

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HOW TO HAVE YOUR SAY: North East Link EES Submissions

We need your help to build a massive submissions drive to push back on the controversial North East Link toll road!


This is our moment to have our say on concerns with the mega toll road. North East Link risks the future of Melbourne. We need to be Rethink the project before it is too late.

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HAVE YOUR SAY: North East Link EES Submission Update

Worried about the biggest road project in Melbourne's history?

What does it mean for our city?

How can you have your say?

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MEDIA RELEASE: Environmental Effects Statement for Controversial North East Link Toll Road will Unearth Concerns

The Environmental Effects Statement for the controversial North East Link tollroad will finally be released today and open to the public. Environment group Friends of the Earth says the process will unearth community concern about the project.  

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North East Link Alternatives

Residents in Melbourne’s north eastern suburbs face a huge lack of transport options, leading thousands of commuters to rely upon their cars as the only reliable choice.

We've got a plan for ways to tackle the traffic and trucks clogging up streets across the North East Suburbs.

By reallocating the $16.5 billion price tag of the North East Link to a number of the projects outlined below, tax payer money will improve transport options and air quality, help protect open space, and reduce the greenhouse impacts of Victoria’s transport system.

Rethink the North East Link. Invest in public transport and safety.

Have a read here.

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Electric Vehicles no silver bullet

Switching our cars and trucks to electric vehicles fails to address the broader social and environmental implications of car-centric cities.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are not the silver bullet transformation for our transport industry. The momentum for change in transport is building, and EVs might be part of the change. But simply championing a technical switch to EVs we will miss the greater opportunity of this problem. Focusing too strongly on EVs will lock in existing problems around congestion, health and the liveability of our cities.

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MEDIA RELEASE: North East Link locks out community consultation

MEDIA RELEASE: North East Link locks out community consultation

22 Nov 2018

Daniel Andrews continues to rush through the North East Link, today announcing the project will go out to tender moments after re-election.

As the biggest and most expensive road project proposed for Melbourne, the community needs to be involved in these significant decisions.

“The community will be devastated a potential Labor government will push through an unwanted road project, before assessing the environmental impacts of this project.” Rachel Lynskey, Friends of the Earth Sustainable Cities coordinator said today.

“We have not had the opportunity to understand the environmental impacts, nor investigate real alternatives to the congestion in this local area. The North East Link toll road locks in future gridlock.”

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