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Digital Action: Accessible Transport for All!

Claudia lies on the ground with a wreath of flowers around them holding the sign #LifelongLockdown

Our digital action with the Disability Resources Centre is tomorrow Tues 19 May!

We are calling everyone – whether you find public transport inaccessible, or if you understand how important it is to have a transport system that works for everyone – to post a message or photo with the hashtag #LifelongLockdown on Facebook on Tuesday 19th May.

Here's how to get involved:

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45 Years of Acting Up: Friends of the Earth transport campaigns

Friends of the Earth podcast history series made in collaboration with 3CR 855 AM community radio show Acting Up! Monday 2.00pm.  Ratbags, peaceniks and agents of change, resistance radio that explores the movements that made us. 

45 Years of Acting Up! Wrong way go back audio episode

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Presenter: Em Gayfer
Guests: Tony Murphy, Domenica Settle (CAFE campaign), Claudia Gallois (FoE Sustainable Cities campaign) and local resident Keith Fitzgerald.

Freeway blockadeSustainable cities protest

Friends of the Earth has a long history supporting communities and lobbying governments to create sustainable cities, from the 1970s anti-F19-Eastern freeway protests to the recent win to stop the East West link.  Friends of the Earth and allies actively campaign against costly, polluting mega road projects and expensive toll roads, calling for affordable, equal access to better public transport systems.  Listen and learn how to stop freeways and reclaim space for bikes and people to travel around more liveable urban environments.  Keep reading to get involved to make our cities greener and create a sustainable transport future.

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A Response to Infrastructure Victoria's Network Transport Pricing

This is a response to Infrastructure Victoria's (IV) paper on network transfer pricing. Based on some flawed and hidden assumptions its main conclusion is that zone three fares should be raised and off-peak fares lowered to reduce congestion on peak trams and trains.

However, most people don’t endure the morning crush by choice and many Seniors already travel off-peak on their discount fare. 

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Sustainable Cities Updates

It's a troubling time with COVID-19 on the top of everyone's minds. We encourage everyone to support each other in any way they can and reach out for help if they need. We can get through this together.

Throughout this time, we're continuing to advocate for a more sustainable and equitable transport future. We're working to make sure our campaigns to Stop the North East Link and build Melbourne Metro 2 continue to grow despite this trying time.

For those who missed it, here’s an update on what we've been up to so far in 2020:

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How can public transport help with climate change?

Bushfires and climate change

As we know, catastrophic bushfires around Southeast Australia are affecting us all. The burning of coal, oil and gas has increased global temperatures. This climatic change has led to drier and hotter weather, and frequent droughts have led to extreme fire conditions. In particular, Southeast Australia has had a 25% decline in average rainfall this year. The dry environment has made vegetation more flammable, increasing the severity of the bushfires.

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Stop North East Link Meeting Times

We're bringing together community groups who are pushing back against the North East Link toll road.

Stop North East Link Sustainable Cities

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Tunnel Vision Documentary Screening

This February, join Sustainable Cities for a movie night and fundraiser to get the wheels turning on a new year of sustainable transport wins! The event will be held on Tuesday 4 Feb, 6-8pm at Loop Bar. 

The documentary 'Tunnel Vision' recounts the 18-month struggle against the East-West link toll road that ended in a massive win for the community. We’ll be hosting a screening of this uplifting film, plus hearing from the experts and activists that lived the story themselves!

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Concerned residents gather at Planning Minister Wynne’s office in reaction to North East Link announcement.

North East Link Reaction Friends of the Earth

Media Release: Friends of the Earth and Friends of Banyule

Friday 6 December, 2019

Concerned residents gather at Planning Minister Wynne’s office in reaction to North East Link announcement.

Dozens of community members set to be impacted by the mega toll road gathered outside the planning Minister’s electoral office in Fitzroy this morning. This was in reaction to yesterday’s announcement by Minister Wynne to approve the North East Link.  

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Planning Minister goes against own Planning Panel’s Advice to accept North East Link project as is

Friends of the Earth North East Link

Joint Press Release: Friends of the Earth & Friends of Banyule

Thursday 5th December 2019 

Environmental organisation Friends of the Earth and community group Friends of Banyule have expressed their extreme disappointment at today’s announcement that the Planning Minister Richard Wynne has approved the North East Link.

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Community rallies at MP Paul Hamer's office amid North East Link health concerns

Stop the North East Link

On Wednesday 3 December, locals gathered at Paul Hamer MP's office to take a stand against the North East Link.

Residents sent a clear message to Mr. Hamer, member for Box Hill, that the community does not support this dangerous project.

Locals are particularly concerned about the dangerous levels of air pollution from the $16 billion North East Link project.  

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