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Pages tagged "Solidarity"

Farmland not Gaslands

seaspray_2_2014.jpgIf you’re concerned about environmental issues and the urgent need to rapidly reduce the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, it’s hard not to get depressed.

The Australian government is cutting climate action programs and turning it’s back on environmental protection, and here in Victoria, our government wants to open up new coal mines while shutting down renewable energy across much of the state.

But across regional Australia, a new movement is building power and starting to win against the coal and gas companies and their friends in government. We want to share this good news story.

Castlemaine, October 29.

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Renewable Energy & Jobs Forum – 2014

y2r14_renewable_energy_jobs_forum-01.jpgThe renewable energy sector has created hundreds of jobs and generated millions of dollars worth of investment in south west Victoria, yet uncertainty clouds the sector’s future. Jobs and peoples' livelihoods hang in the balance. 

What plans do the major political parties have to secure renewable energy jobs and investment in Victoria? Now that’s a good question, especially with a state election fast approaching.

Portland, August 24.

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Working for Water Justice in the Murray-Darling Basin

The Barmah-Millewa Collective has been working closely with Indigenous and environmental organisations to push for a fundamental reform in water management: recognition of the water rights of Australia's First Nations. Read on for an article by campaigner Will Mooney that appeared in the most recent Chain Reaction magazine


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Dump the Dump: Radioactive Waste on Trial

dumpthedump_final.jpgSupport Muckaty Traditional Owners on World Environment Day

For the past seven years there has been sustained community opposition to a federal government plan to dump Australia's radioactive waste on Aboriginal land at Muckaty in the Northern Territory.

Now Traditional Owners opposed to the dump plan are taking their case to the Federal Court with a trial starting on June 2 in Melbourne.

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climate activists for mine workers

Yallourn Power Station workers have been in a dispute with the owners of the Yallourn station, and will be in Melbourne for a rally on friday August 16.

In an historic first, climate and environment activists will march in solidarity with the power workers.

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