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Pages tagged "Solidarity"

Workers killed by police at a Bangladeshi coal fired power plant

Friends of the Earth Bangaldesh AKA Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association or BELA, have made calls for an independent investigation into the shooting of coal plant workers by police back in April that left 7 people dead.

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Friends of the Earth statement on marriage equality

A person's gender and sexuality should not affect their access to marriage in Australia, nor should it impact their human rights in any other way.

Friends of the Earth stands in solidarity with the LGBTQI+ community in the face of this attack on your rights. We also recognise that there are many other significant struggles that LGBTQI+ identifying people face daily because of your gender or sexual identity.

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Organising in a time of the New Right

green-jobs.jpgThe election of Donald Trump, the Brexit vote in the UK, and the continued rise of Right wing populist parties across western Europe is a huge concern for anyone who wants to see action on climate change and protection of the environment. Closer to home, the election of similar parties – notably Pauline Hanson’s One Nation – underscores how this worldview is gaining acceptance in the mainstream.

This requires progressive organisations to think about how they campaign.

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FoE Summer Stalls at Stacks On Festival, CERES


Friends of the Earth Melbourne kicked off the first of our Summer Stalls at Stacks On Festival at CERES on Saturday 14 January. Over the summer, we’ll be visiting a number of festivals across Melbourne and surrounds to connect with new members and let people know about our new Act on Climate Campaign.


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Take action to support the Transition

It is expected that the majority owners of the Hazelwood power station will make an announcement about the future of the plant later this week. Reports in the media have suggested it could be closed as soon as April next year.


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Switch your energy retailer and help the planet

ethswitch_FoE2.pngFriends of the Earth has partnered with Ethical Switch for an 8 week fundraising campaign to focus on the impact that a household’s energy choices can make on the environment. The more we make the move to renewable energy, the more pressure is placed on the unconventional gas industry and the cleaner our country becomes.

Ethical Switch presents a comparison of all electricity providers within an area in terms of carbon emissions, renewable energy investment and customer satisfaction. By choosing one of their high rated providers, customers are directly supporting investment in renewable energy in Australia.

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Andrews govt's New Energy Jobs Fund shows it's preparing to set ambitious Vic Renewable Energy Targets

884wind-turbine11.jpgThe Andrews government opened the first tranch of its New Energy Jobs Fund in Blackburn today. 

The launch comes in the lead up to the release of its Renewable Energy Action Plan that will set Victorian Renewable Energy Targets for 2020 and 2025.

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Unions and Community Groups Unite Against The TPP


Friends of the Earth was proud to help organise yesterday's Unions and Communities TPP Roundtable, hosted by the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) at the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) National Congress 2015.

The Roundtable included doctors, nurses, farmers, unionists, academics, lawyers, environmental groups, community groups and faith groups who have been campaigning around the TPP since 2010.

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Indigenous Protected Areas under threat from Government cuts

Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) are lands owned by Indigenous people and voluntarily managed for conservation. There are currently 60 declared IPAs, covering land three times the size of Victoria! IPAs are recognised as providing real social, cultural and environmental benefits through providing employment, protection of country and cultural connection to land. But IPA's are under threat.foe-IPA-infographic-WEB.jpg



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Sustainable Breakfast

apple.gif3CR Community Radio is hosting a sustainable breakfast series from 23 - 27 March at Friends of the Earth in Collingwood.

Each morning 3CR breakfast presenters will speak with activists and campaigners working on sustainability issues in the Yarra area. Get informed and enjoy local, sustainable produce - all welcome.

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