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Transforming Victoria: Creating jobs while cutting emissions

Transforming Victoria: creating jobs while cutting emissions

A ‘green new deal’ proposal for a Fair and Just Transition from Friends of the Earth

There is an urgent climate imperative to transform our economy. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report (2018) argued that, by 2030, global emissions must drop by 45% from their 2010 levels if we are to avoid exposing hundreds of millions of people to serious climate-related hazards. A growing body of mainstream climate science says that we need to achieve deeper targets earlier if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change.

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Yallourn closure wakeup call: Vic needs a real transition plan

The Herald Sun and The Age have reported that the Yallourn coal fired power station could close earlier than expected, possibly within six years. 

This is a wakeup call: Victoria needs a real transition plan for the Latrobe Valley that delivers good sustainable jobs for the community.

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MEDIA RELEASE - 05.04.2019: West Vic Wind and Battery Hub Could Aid Climate Fight

Environment group Friends of the Earth have welcomed news of a large-scale wind and battery hub proposed for a timber plantation in Western Victoria, saying it could be a key plank of Victoria's efforts on climate change.

“After a confronting summer in which the community has witnessed serious climate impacts including drought, bushfires and flood, the need to transition away from coal and gas is urgent” said Friends of the Earth's renewable energy spokesperson Pat Simons.

If the Kentbruck Greenpower Hub gets the green light, the wind and battery storage project could be one of the largest in the country, with a generation capacity totaling 900 megawatts, helping to firm up the power grid while cutting pollution.

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Landmark Star of the South offshore wind farm gets first tick from Feds

MEDIA RELEASE: 29 March 2019

After months of delay by the federal Coalition, Australia’s first major offshore wind farm, the Star of the South Energy Project proposed off the South Gippsland coast, has received approval for an exploration licence.

Environment Group Friends of the Earth welcome news that Minister for Energy Angus Taylor has signed off on the initial exploration license for Star of the South after months of delaying a decision.

“The Star of the South offshore wind farm will be a game changer for action on climate change and Australia’s energy system,” said Pat Simons, Friends of the Earth’s renewable energy spokesperson.

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Climate action gains traction with new wind farm proposed for Latrobe Valley

MEDIA RELEASE: 28 March 2019

Climate action gains traction with new wind farm proposed for Latrobe Valley

Environment group Friends of the Earth Melbourne are pleased to see an new wind farm proposed for the Latrobe Valley and say the project shows state efforts to tackle climate change are gaining momentum.

The group that led the community campaign for a Victorian Renewable Energy Target says the Delburn Wind Farm is a sign the state’s energy sector is in transition.

“Victoria’s energy system is shifting from polluting fossil fuels towards clean renewable energy and it’s good news for efforts to tackle climate change,” said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth’s climate spokesperson.

According to proponent OSMI, the Delburn Wind Farm would generate enough electricity to power 200,000 homes, cut Victoria’s carbon emissions by 980,000 tonnes of carbon per annum, and operate for 25 years.

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Coalition's obsession with coal and gas will go down like lead balloon

Environment group Friends of the Earth Australia reject indications that the Morrison government will seek to use public funds to underwrite new coal and gas projects, and say they should be 100% focused on landmark renewable energy projects like the proposed Star of the South offshore wind farm instead.

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the federal Coalition have learned nothing from the Liberal party's drubbing in the recent Victorian state election” said Friends of the Earth climate spokesperson Leigh Ewbank.

The Liberal party's support for coal and gas was resoundingly rejected by voters in at the Wentworth by-election and at the November state election in Victoria.

When community support for action on climate change is on the rise, the Coalition government's support for polluting fossil fuels will go down like a lead balloon” added Ewbank.

While time is running out to act on climate change, the Coalition's obsession with coal and gas only imperils Australia's future.

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MEDIA RELEASE: 12 Nov 2018 Liberal party support for new gas & coal a dangerous option when renewables are ready


This morning Matthew Guy and the Victorian Coalition announced their intention to build a new ‘baseload’ 500 MW power station if elected at the November state election.

Friends of the Earth say the Liberal party's decision to release an energy policy open to new gas and coal power fails the climate change test when renewable energy is the best option to cut emissions and deliver cheaper power for Victorians.

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MEDIA RELEASE 08.11.2018 Opposition overshadowed by Andrews govt's ramped up renewables ambition

wind energy construction

Environment group Friends of the Earth have welcomed the Andrews government's announcement they will increase Victoria's Renewable Energy Target to 50 percent by 2030 if re-elected at November's state election, and say it overshadows the Matthew Guy opposition's poor stance on climate and renewables.

"When it comes to renewable energy in Victoria, more ambition means more jobs and investment across the state" said Pat Simons, Friends of the Earth's renewable energy spokesperson. 

In the leadup to the state election both Labor and the Greens have unveiled plans to boost the state's supply of renewable energy, yet Matthew Guy's Liberal opposition still has no solid renewable energy plan just weeks out from the poll.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Geelong renewable manufacturing hub good news for climate jobs - Will Matthew Guy welcome the news?

Vestas Renewable Energy Hub
Environment group Friends of the Earth welcome the Andrews government's announcement Geelong will now be home to Victoria's newest wind energy manufacturing facility, the Vestas Renewable Energy Hub.

“This is exactly the kind of renewable energy investment Victoria needs to create long-term jobs in climate action” said Pat Simons, Friends of the Earth's renewable energy spokesperson.

The facility will employ 27 people manufacturing wind turbine hubs for the Berrybank and Dundonnell wind farms – successful auction winners as part of Victoria's Renewable Energy Target – and act as a service and training centre.

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