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Pages tagged "Renewable Energy"

New group to build community support for wind energy in Victoria

The Victorian Wind Alliance was launched today, with organisers calling on Victorians who support wind energy to use town meetings and social media to make their voices heard.

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The Coalition government & the environment

The Victorian Coalition has now been in power for almost two years. Sadly, the news has been almost relentlessly negative on the question of environmental and climate change issues.

Check here for an assessment of their progress.

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Ted Baillieu’s worst environmental decision yet?

Today’s announcement that coal mining will be allowed to continue at Anglesea is possibly the worst in a long list of bad environmental decisions since the Baillieu government was elected, according to Friends of the Earth.

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What is the real cost of Ted Baillieu’s wind energy policy?

In late August, the Baillieu government implemented new planning rules which  place large sections of Victoria off-limits to wind farm developments through the creation of No Go zones, and set in place a 2 kilometre ‘right of veto’, whereby a single household can block any turbines within 2 kilometres of their home.

It appears that this has already threatened up to $525 million in investment and up to 1,400 jobs.

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Yes 2 Renewables website launched

In recent months there has been a growing debate across Victoria about renewable energy projects. Wind farms, the proposed solar plants in the North West, and a range of geothermal investigations have both enthused and angered many in the community.

In response to these developments, Friends of the Earth has set up a website that seeks to engage the community on proposed renewable energy projects.

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Abbott govt’s wind energy/health review unnecessary, a waste of taxpayer money

January 26, 2014

The Abbott government’s announcement of yet another review of wind energy and health is unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer money.

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Victorian Premier signals shift on wind energy

10 April 2013


Friends of the Earth welcomes the Victorian Premier’s official endorsement of the Macarthur wind farm today. Premier Napthine’s attendance at the opening of Australia’s largest wind farm signals a shift on wind energy.

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Premier Napthine’s support for Baillieu’s anti-wind farm laws put him at odds with community

March 14, 2013


Victoria’s new Premier Denis Napthine reaffirmed the government’s opposition to wind farms this morning in an interview with ABC Radio’s Jon Faine.

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Baillieu's Anti-Wind Farm Policies Should Be Dumped

March 6, 2013

Friends of the Earth media release.

Ted Baillieu's resignation today presents the Coalition with the opportunity to dump the former-Premiers regressive anti-wind farm laws.

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Switch Off Hazelwood, Switch On Renewables

Help replace Australia's dirtiest coal-fired power station with renewable energy.
Hazelwood Power Station is the embodiment of Australia's failure to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Relative to its power output, it's one of the most polluting power stations in the world.

The community protest at Hazelwood held on sunday, 10/10/10, as part of the International Day of Climate Action, was a great success.

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