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Napthine govt takes first step to fix wind farm laws, yet more reform needed to create jobs and investment

Hepburn.jpgMEDIA RELEASE - 23 July, 2014

The Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy will amend wind farm planning laws to allow already-approved wind farms to use the best-available technology.

Under the amended planning laws, wind energy companies will be permitted to make minor modifications to boost wind farm efficiency, such as increased turbine capacity or blade length.

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Premier Napthine’s position on the Renewable Energy Target undermines renewable energy jobs

drillingrigNSW.jpgMEDIA RELEASE – 3 June, 2014

Friends of the Earth call on Premier Denis Napthine to clarify the Victorian government’s position on the Renewable Energy Target.

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Victoria's Energy Future + Renewables Champion Award

Fighting fossil fuels and saying yes to renewables. This is the forum FoE will be hosting at the Sustainable Living Festival, being held in Federation Square over the weekend of 14 - 16 February.

Victoria has come to a fork in the road: Will our energy system remain hitched to polluting fossil fuels or will we shift to clean renewable energy sources?

Sunday, 16 February

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The Way the Wind Blows

To start off an exciting 2014, FoE's Yes 2 Renewables campaign welcomes you to join us for the movie screening of “The Way the Wind Blows” at Longplay, Fitzroy North on the 4th of February at 6:30pm.

There will also be a Q&A session after the movie with Director Neil Barrett.

Wind farm laws in Victoria are some of the most restrictive laws which discourage the construction of wind farms. Yes 2 Renewables has helped raise awareness about the benefits of wind energy. In 2014, we will put anti-wind farm laws on the election agenda and continue to hold anti-wind farm campaigners to account.

This acclaimed movie has given an honest picture of wind farms and its surroundings. It focuses on the town of Waubra where it was claimed that the local wind farm has caused many health problems to the locals living there. This issue was brought to national attention when ABC’s Four Corners and other current affairs programs featured the story. Independent filmmaker Neil Barrett thus travelled to Waubra and interviewed locals over a period of a year to find out what was really going on, only to find a different story.

Engaging and eye-opening, this is one documentary to watch to understand what the locals really think about wind farms in their area. RSVP below – and we’ll see you there!

The name of the film is The Way the Wind Blows.
Time: 6.30pm (50 minutes duration + Q&A session)
Location: Longplay, 318 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North VIC 3068.

You can rsvp to this free event here.


Stand with BEAM and support wind energy!

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal has just approved the Cherry Tree Range wind farm proposed for Trawool in Central Victoria.

The project’s approval would not have been possible without a supportive community.

The local environment group BEAM took a leadership role after known anti-wind farm groups came to town with a fear campaign about wind farms and health. These anti-wind farm campaigners put jobs, drought-proof income, and climate action at risk.

BEAM stood up for a wind farm in their region with support from Yes 2 Renewables. Sign your name to stand with them!

We welcome VCAT's decision to approve the Cherry Tree Range wind farm and stand with BEAM-Mitchell Environment Group in support of the project. The wind farm will create jobs and drought-proof income for their community, and help our state address the threat of climate change. 

Energy Futures Forum

Guest speakers from around Victoria will talk about future energy options including solar and wind power, how to reduce energy use, your household bills and the risks associated if we don’t move to a renewable energy future. Not to be missed!

Seymour, November 16


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Coalition kills second renewable project in Geelong /Surf Coast region

Plans for a 12MW geothermal energy installation to power the industrial city of Geelong and Surf Coast region has been scrapped after the Napthine Government withdrew a $25 million grant for the project.

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Coalition divided while Australians are united in support for renewable energy

People representing the 73 percent of Australians who support the Renewable Energy Target and 76 percent who support more wind energy, will rally at Garema Place in Canberra, midday today. They will call on the Coalition to end the uncertainty about the Renewable Energy Target.

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Pro-wind energy coalition call for Premier to rewrite wind farm laws, unlock jobs in southwest Victoria

Just three weeks after Premier Napthine opened the Macarthur wind farm, a coalition of southwest Victorian and supporting groups have released a joint statement calling on the Premier to rewrite anti-wind farm planning laws and unlock jobs in southwest Victoria.

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What energy future do you want?

Victorians must decide what type of energy future we want:
·    more dirty, coal fired power and the threat of coal exports, or
·    more renewables like wind, solar, wave energy and geothermal

Ted Baillieu has shown he stands with the coal industry.

You can help change that. Speak up for clean energy and local jobs.

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