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Petition: 100% Renewables by 2030, No More Gas

Big energy companies are fuelling the climate crisis, driving up power prices for profit, and threatening communities with plans for new gas extraction.

But Victoria has a huge opportunity to accelerate the shift to 100% renewables and equitably electrify everything to help households and businesses get off expensive and polluting gas.

This decade, game changing renewable energy projects like the Star of the South will start powering over 1 million homes. And more and more people are going solar every day.

We know Victoria can go further and faster on renewable energy to create thousands of jobs, cut emissions and make energy more affordable. But will governments lead?

The International Energy Agency says there can be no more coal, oil or gas development if the planet is going to avoid runaway climate change.

And on the ground, coastal communities are resisting new offshore gas projects along the Great Ocean Road.

Victoria doesn't need any more gas: we have the solutions to source all our energy needs from wind, solar and energy storage.

Gas is the most expensive source of energy. By embracing 100% renewables and supporting households to get off gas, governments can protect vulnerable people from the rising cost of living.

We know that it is people power that drives political change and there has never been a more critical time for us to tell governments it’s time to switch off all support for gas and urgently take up renewables and energy efficiency measures as a priority.

If you support the vision to reach 100% Renewables and No More Gas, sign the petition today. It's the first step but every bit counts.

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Victoria's Offshore Wind Implementation Statement 2

The Victorian government has announced it's next steps towards creating the country's first offshore wind sector, releasing it's second Offshore Wind Implementation Statement and setting a goal to begin procurement by 2025. It's an incredible opportunity to scale up action on climate change, transition the energy system and create thousands of regional jobs.

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Narracan Election Live Blog: Where do Candidates Stand on Climate, Energy & Health?

The Narracan supplementary-election is fast approaching, with voting to conclcuding on Saturday 28th January, 2023. It's an important opportunity for the Narracan electorate in Gippsland to get to know and understand where each candidate stands on climate change, energy and health.

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Small town, big vision: Heyfield’s MyTown Microgrid

By Wendy Farmer, Gippsland Community Organiser

When it comes to renewable energy, the small community of Heyfield three hours east of Melbourne has big ambitions.

A little known fact about Heyfield is the community of one thousand homes has led the way in household solar with the highest installation of household solar per capita in Australia. In a recent poll in the local community, they found that: 83.8% would like to see Heyfield powered by 100% renewable energy. I was invited into Heyfield as the community discussed a feasibility study into a microgrid along with looking at a business model for the town.

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First Nations Clean Energy Network launch Ten Principles for Clean Energy

The opportunity of renewable energy should and can be available to all. But we know for many communities that affordable, secure and clean power is not yet a reality.

Members from Friends of the Earth were privileged to join an online webinar on the 30th November, 2022 for the launch of the First Nations Clean Energy Network's Ten Principles for Clean Energy Projects.

The First Nations Clean Energy Network (FNCEN) was formed to ensure First Nations People play a central role in Australia’s renewable energy transition, and to make sure this transition occurs fairly for First Nations people and communities.

The Ten Principles provide First Nations communities with guidance about how to engage with medium or large scale renewable energy projects proposed on or near their land and waters. According to the FNCEN, the Principles will also be helpful for all groups involved in developing renewable energy projects to make sure this happens in a collaborative and respectful way.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Landmark energy deal massive step forward for Vic renewable energy transition

Today the federal Albanese and Victorian Andrews governments have announced a landmark energy deal that will rapidly accelerate the state’s renewable energy transition and help kickstart offshore wind.

The $2.25 billion deal will finance the creation of six “renewable energy zones” to connect new wind and solar projects to the grid, including offshore wind off the coast of Gippsland.

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Offshore wind, hitting targets and just transition: A union agenda for a sustainable future

As the world grapples with the climate crisis, the need to transform our energy systems is only becoming more urgent. In Australia, unions have been at the centre of campaigns for a ‘just transition' to ensure this transition delivers good outcomes for workers and the community.

On the 16th of September 202, several unions, government representatives and environmental groups came together at the Victorian Trades Hall in Carlton for the conference Hitting Targets: A union agenda for a sustainable future. Yes2Renewables collective member Milly attended the conference, which covered key policy levers unions are using to shape the climate agenda.

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WATCH: What Australia's First Offshore Wind Zone means For Gippsland

Victoria's Gippsland region has been announced as the country's first Offshore Wind Zone, marking the beginning of a whole new industry. Kickstarting offshore wind in Gippsland will bring thousands of new jobs to the region, generate local investment, a new source of renewable energy and deliver deep emissions cuts.

Long home to the state's coal fired power stations and the offshore oil and gas sector, Gippsland is a region in transition. Offshore wind presents a new opportunity to action on climate and deliver real benefits to communities and workers.

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MEDIA RELEASE 29.09.22: AGL 2035 coal closure announcement wakeup call to ramp up Gippsland renewable energy transition

Today, power company AGL has announced it will bring forward closure dates for the Loy Yang A coal fired power station in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley by ten years to 2035.

It is the second time this year AGL has announced earlier closure dates for its ageing coal fleet, after announcing Loy Yang A would close by 2045.

“It is hard to trust this announcement from AGL. The changing messages from the power generators is a wakeup call that we need to prepare for early closure” said Wendy Farmer, Gippsland Community Organiser for Friends of the Earth.

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