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Nuclear Threat In The Ukraine

This week our hosts Sam Castro, Jack Millar and Sam Cossar interview Dr Jim Green on the nuclear power threat in the Ukraine War.

You will need to click through to the 3CR website for podcasts as we don't want to support Spotify whilst they continue to host purveyors of misinformation. 

Dirt Radio - 3 Things Every Activist Should Do in 2022 To Avoid Burnout

This week our hosts Phil Evans and Sam Cossar playback and interview with Jess Trevena on how activists can avoid burnout and create resilient communities 

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Dirt Radio podcast - Offshore wind - realising the potential

This week on the show we hear some of the highlights from a recent webinar held by Friends of the Earth and the Climate Council about the potential for an offshore wind industry in Australia. We hear presentations from Tony Wolfe, a coal fired power plant worker, and Penny Howard, a research officer with the Maritime Union of Australia.

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Australia's climate policy as we head to COP26

Cam Walker, campaign coordinator of Friends of the Earth, calls in to discuss Australia's climate policy considering the upcoming COP26 climate talks, whether Scott Morrison will even turn up and the likelihood of the Coalition signing on for net-zero emissions by 2050.

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Dirt Radio podcast - Getting up to speed with the Strzlecki koala

This week on Dirt Radio - Lucinda, Mareta, and Phil catch up with Friends of the Earth's Anthony Amis and Michelle Baxter from the Strzlecki Koala Action Team and find out why the koala issue is a lot more complicated than first glance.

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Dirt Radio podcast - Transport, climate justice, and better buses in Melbourne's West

On this episode we will catch up Laura Sykes - Friends of the Earth’s Sustainable Cities collective coordinator to talk about all things transport, climate change and anew campaign that is being launched called Better Buses in Melbourne’s West.

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New reports' findings on climate change renew concern over the Australian environment

On this episode of The Grapevine, Kulja and Dylan get on the line with Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth to discuss his new report, An Icon at Risk: Current and Emerging threats to the Victorian High Country which explores the threat of climate change to Snow Gums, and other Australian flora. 

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Workers killed by police at a Bangladeshi coal fired power plant

Friends of the Earth Bangaldesh AKA Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association or BELA, have made calls for an independent investigation into the shooting of coal plant workers by police back in April that left 7 people dead.

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Dirt Radio - Launching the People's Climate Strategy

Anna Langford on 3CR - Dirt Radio

This week we are joined by Anna Langford from Friends of the Earth's Act on Climate collective to talk about the People's Climate Strategy - a bold project that crowdsourced climate solutions from the general public.


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Dirt Radio - Start your own cooperative with Earthworker

Earthworker Cooperative with a banner

This week on our radio show, Katherine Cunningham from Earthworker Cooperative joins Phil on the phone to talk about how worker owned cooperatives are engaging the resistance and dismantling patriarchal, corporate power.

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