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MEDIA RELEASE: Kimba nuclear dump: Premier Marshall must enforce SA legislation

Media Release ‒ 21 June 2021 ‒ Friends of the Earth Australia

Kimba nuclear dump: Premier Marshall must enforce SA legislation

By accepting amendments to the National Radioactive Waste Management Amendment Bill, the federal government has today abandoned its year-long attempt to shield its plan for a national nuclear waste dump in SA from judicial review. A vote on the Bill is expected this afternoon or tomorrow and the Bill is expected to pass.

Dr. Jim Green, national nuclear campaigner with Friends of the Earth, said: "The Morrison government's disgraceful efforts to override the unanimous opposition of Barngarla Traditional Owners to the proposed nuclear dump will be challenged in the courts and politically. Barngarla Traditional Owners are expected to launch a judicial challenge.

"Friends of the Earth welcomes SA Labor's policy that Traditional Owners should have a right of veto over nuclear projects given the sad and sorry history of nuclear projects in this state.

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Friends of the Earth podcast history series made in collaboration with 3CR 855 AM community radio show Acting Up!    Monday 2.00pm.  Ratbags, peaceniks and agents of change, resistance radio that explores the movements that made us. 

45 years of Acting Up!  Friends of the Earth Radioactive Tours audio episode

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Presenter: Em Gayfer.
Guests: Ila Marks, Linda Marks, Jemila Rushton, and Meryl Yusef interviewed by Phil Evans.

RAD tour Lake EyreRAD Tour Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, South Australia

Travel with Friends of the Earth’s Radioactive Exposure Tours (RAD Tours*) to discover how nuclear testing, uranium mining and radioactive waste affects Aboriginal Traditional Owners and communities across Australia, and how solidarity wins.  The first Nuclear Exposure tour hit the road in 1990, with RAD tours continuing into 2018.  RAD Tour participants hear Traditional Owners share stories and knowledge, witness the social and environmental impacts the nuclear industry has on communities and country, building alliances and educating people along the way.  Read a brief history, listen to more podcasts and learn how we can end radioactive racism and live nuclear-free.  
*RAD Tours are not available in 2020 due to coronavirus travel restrictions.


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45 Years of Acting Up: Friends of the Earth anti-nuclear campaigns

Friends of the Earth podcast history series made in collaboration with 3CR 855 AM community radio show Acting Up! Monday 2:00pm-2.30pm.  Ratbags, peaceniks and agents of change, resistance radio that explores the movements that made us.  

Presenter: Em Gayfer   Guests: Ila & Linda Marks, Dave Sweeney 

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Key moments in Friends of the Earth’s longest running campaigns:
the movement against uranium mining and anti-nuclear resistance




(Poster by Michael Callaghan)


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Make a submission to the Federal Inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia

The Federal Government has launched an 'Inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia' and are accepting submissions until 16 September

Nuclear power is a dangerous distraction from real movement on the pressing energy decisions and climate actions we need. Rather than fuel carbon emissions and radioactive risk through domestic coal power plants and the export of coal and uranium, Australia should embrace the fastest growing global energy sector ‒ renewables ‒ and become a driver of clean energy thinking and technology. Renewable energy is affordable, low risk, clean, and popular. Nuclear is simply not. Our shared energy future is renewable, not radioactive.

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Victoria’s Nuclear Power Inquiry

Nuclear power station in Germany

Responding to the announcement that a Victorian Parliamentary inquiry will investigate the suitability of nuclear power, Dr Jim Green, national anti-nuclear campaigner with Friends of the Earth Australia, said: “Nuclear power has priced itself out of any serious debate about Australia’s energy options but it has become part of the culture wars driven by conservative ideologues.”

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Make a submission: BHP seek a Toxic Tailings Expansion without a full Safety Risk Assessment

BHP is planning to expand the Olympic Dam Tailings dump to be larger than the CBD of Adelaide AND to be up to 30 metres high at the centre of the tailings pile – around the height of a 10 story building. 

All BHP Olympic Dam radioactive toxic mine tailings waste must be isolated from the environment for over 10,000 years.

Please consider making a submission to the federal government who are inviting comments on the BHP Olympic Dam Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) 6 project – but only up to cob Friday 28th June, with no extensions.

Tell the federal government they must not approve this expansion! 

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Rad Tour 2018 was totally rad!

The Radioactive Exposure Tour 2018 was a great success, with thirty interested, passionate people listening, learning and showing  their support to the people at the frontline fighting the nuclear industry in South Australia. Here is report back from the 2nd part of the tour (see here for details on first 4 days).

Sunset at Lake Eyre


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Rad Tour off to a cracking start!

The Radioactive Tour is off to an awesome start. By Day 4, we have already weaved our way through Adelaide, Port Augusta and Woomera.

About 30 people standing in front of sand dunes in Woomera holding a banner that says 'Don't Nuke the Climate'

Thirty people are travelling across the South Australian nuclear landscape, to show solidarity with local communities impacted by the nuclear industry and to learn and listen. 

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Join the Radioactive Exposure Tour in 2018

Poster with words \

ACE Nuclear Free Collective is happy to annouce we will be organising a Radioactive Exposure Tour in 2018. From March 30th to April 8th, we will be travelling from Melbourne to South Australia, to visit nuclear sites including: proposed sites for national nuclear waste dump in Flinders Ranges and Kimba, nuclear bomb test sites at Woomera, Olympic Dam uranium mine and Lake Eyre.

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Anti-nuclear campaign update - September 2017

Please see below an update from FoE's anti-nuclear campaign with recent events, upcoming events, 'take action' requests, and some recent nuclear news.

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