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Friends of the Earth podcast history series made in collaboration with 3CR 855 AM community radio show Acting Up!    Monday 2.00pm.  Ratbags, peaceniks and agents of change, resistance radio that explores the movements that made us.

45 years of Acting Up!  Friends of the Earth Queer & Feminist History audio episode

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Presenters: Em Gayfer and Megan Williams
Guests: Trish Luker (Chain Reaction magazine), Lyn Harriott and Beth Mellick, (former FOE bookshop coordinators), and Sam Castro (FOE Gender Justice working group)

International Women’s Day March, Melbourne

International Women’s Day March, Melbourne

This episode looks back to the feminist and LGBTQ history of Friends of the Earth and the intersections informing our actions today. From the 1970s onwards, Friends of the Earth stood in solidarity for Indigenous land rights, women and gay rights, peace and conservation movements, shaping our policies and practices.  Keep reading to find out how to join Friends of the Earth and support our social, economic and environmental justice campaigns.

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Friends of the Earth statement on marriage equality

A person's gender and sexuality should not affect their access to marriage in Australia, nor should it impact their human rights in any other way.

Friends of the Earth stands in solidarity with the LGBTQI+ community in the face of this attack on your rights. We also recognise that there are many other significant struggles that LGBTQI+ identifying people face daily because of your gender or sexual identity.

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Climate Change and Women: a Conversation

Women’s Health In the North (WHIN), in partnership with Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (NAGA), and Friends of the Earth (FoE), will be holding their International Women’s Day event, Climate Change and Women – A Conversation. March 13.

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