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Communities applaud Premier Andrews decision to ban unconventional gas mining and fracking

Ban_Aug_2016.jpgCommunities across Victoria are applauding the Andrews government for putting in place a total ban on unconventional gas mining—the first jurisdiction in Australia to do so.  This is a decision that will protect the state’s water, land, air and environment for generations to come.

The Andrews government’s announcement also extends the current moratorium on all onshore conventional gas mining until at least mid 2020.

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86% of Victorians concerned about onshore gas - majority support a ban

declaration_delivery_Aug_2016.jpgA week out from an expected state government announcement on the fate of the onshore gas industry, a state wide poll commissioned by Friends of the Earth has found a majority of Victorians support a permanent ban on onshore gas drilling.

The ReachTel poll found 86% of those surveyed expressed concern about the impacts of onshore gas and fracking on water systems and farming lands, with 55% supporting a permanent ban on the industry. Less than 10% opposed a permanent ban.

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The ultimate guide to stopping gas drilling

As you know, after a five year campaign we were on the cusp of stopping unconventional gas drilling in Victoria permanently. The final decision from government was expected in early June. An unexpected Cabinet shuffle threw that timeline out the window.

'No Gasfields' spelled out with utes in a field

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Communities resolute after new minister announces delay to onshore gas decision

wade_image_June_2016.jpgCommunities and environment groups have responded to the announcement this morning that the Andrews Government will delay the decision on onshore gas mining with disappointment, but have expressed that they will remain resolute. 

They are still planning to muster utes from across the state at Spring St today at 2.30pm to demand the government put in place a permanent ban on all onshore gas mining.

"We're disappointed that the government has chosen to defer the decision, because the evidence that fracking is damaging to ground water is compelling. However, we understand the need for the minister to be able to defend his decision once he has made it, so appreciate that he needs to take the time to understand community concern about onshore gas" said Friends of the Earth Campaign Coordinator Cam Walker.

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Pledge to support the fight against onshore gas

banner.jpgWorried about the risks that onshore gas mining poses to Victoria's water, food, health and jobs in agriculture & tourism?

Declare your pledge - to Premier Daniel Andrews - letting him know you will support rural communities until a permanent ban is in place on the risky onshore gas mining industry. 

Let's make it clear that we won't rest until we have a permanent ban.

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Upper House MPs support ban on gas drilling

Upper_House_MPs_will_support_ban.jpgGasfield Free groups across the state are anticipating the announcement by the Andrews Labor government in regards to onshore gas.

During the past year it has been made perfectly clear that communities will only accept a ban on unconventional gas drilling. Will the Premier and his team listen to the communities united stance?

The Premier has been quoted on radio as saying that 'until there is consensus the moratorium will stay'. And although Liberal/Nationals have also stated a moratorium will stay until 2020, communities feel this gives them no certainty.

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Have your say on Earth Resources Regulation’s Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

ER_review.pngThe Earth Resources Department of the Victorian government are currently reviewing their 'Stakeholder Engagement Strategy". The strategy outlines how they will improve engagement with us in relation to resources extraction projects, including coal, gas and minerals.

Their draft is now available for public comment, and we think this is a fantastic time to let them know where they have been falling short, and how you need them to improve.

Please check here for details on making a submission.


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Victorian government rules out extension of energy subsidy to Alcoa smelter

Portland_smelter.jpgNational environment group Friends of the Earth (FoE) has welcomed today’s announcement by the Victorian Treasurer that the government will not extend the electricity subsidy to the Alcoa smelter in Portland.

FoE campaigns co-ordinator Cam Walker said “the subsidy has cost the state up to $4.5 billion, close to $140,000 per employee per year. The time has come to stop subsidising energy from coal-fired power stations”.

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Ban gas Grow renewables rally - February 9

RSVP_Page_Banner.jpgBig energy companies have sought to "open up" Victoria to onshore gas drilling and fracking--putting prime farmland and water resources at risk. Regional communities around the state have said "no" to risky unconventional gas extraction. 

On the other side of the coin, the Federal government has sabotaged our renewable energy sector by cutting the national Renewable Energy Target by 20%. The federal government's attack on renewables has resulted in a 90% decrease in investment and 2,500 people losing their jobs.
In the first half of 2016, the Victorian government will need to decide whether to lift the current ban on onshore gas drilling. They will set the state Renewable Energy Targets for 2020 and 2025 (the VRETs).

The community has waited too long for the Parliament to resolve these issues.

Join us on the steps of the Victorian Parliament on the first sitting day of 2016 to put the ban on onshore gas and call for ambitious Victorian Renewable Energy Targets on top of the political agenda.


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Final Report on Unconventional Gas Tabled in Parliament

outside_Parl_UCG_Inquiry_Dec_2015.jpgDecember 8, 2015

Today the committee tabled it's final report in parliament. This long awaited report will be used by the Labor Government to make a decision about the future of onshore and unconventional gas mining in Victoria. The report at no time recommends a lifting of the current moratorium and several additional minority reports recommend the Labor Government support a ban.

Over 70 gasfield free communities across Victoria are calling on the Andrews Government to focus on the recommendation made by Labor MPs Shaun Leane and Harriet Shing, Greens MP Samantha Dunn and Fishers & Shooters MP Daniel Young, who are calling for a permanent ban. In minority reports, they clearly stated that this industry, if allowed to go ahead threatened the agriculture industry, without any guarantees that water, the environment and communities will be protected.

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